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Wandering through South Africa – Part 9

I have to raise my hand to the people of Aliwal North for the welcome they gave us and the graciousness with which they accepted our presence, we whose forbears had helped to destroy some of their heritage.  I was talking to a local politician Hennie du Preez, a councillor of Maletswai Municipality.  He wanted the names of the group… (more…)

Wandering Through South Africa – Part 8

Day 14 it was and a very long drive round the top of Losotho, an independent country surrounded by South Africa.  We were headed for Ficksburg in the Orange Free State, a journey of about 270 kilometres.  The lads in the back had snuggled up to each other on the journey and were like the Babes in the Wood.  It… (more…)

Wandering Through South Africa – Part 7

Day 11 was a lovely sunny day as most of them have been.  We called to Talana Museum to fetch our guide and off to Blood River about 30 kilometres away which I suppose makes Dundee an ideal centre for touring the battlefields.  I can hardly believe that warring factions over 100 years ago could have come up with this… (more…)

Wandering Through South Africa – Part 6

Day 8 was the last day of the conference and again I cherry picked and again the PA system was not quite there.  The little hut for so many people, too many speakers and not enough time to say what was needed to be said,   all jarred somewhat on the visitor, some of whom had traveled some distance to… (more…)