Monthly Archives: September 2014

Here’s A Question.

Far be it from me to brag about the problem, but it was I who dragged the dark sordid story of sexual abuse of young Catholic boys at St Bede’s College in Manchester between 1950 and 1966 out of the locked cupboard that is known as the Salford Diocese and into the empathic world of the 21st century.  It became… (more…)

Endocrinology Working

This is an old herring but I thought I would throw it in the ring as it might help somebody.  After my blogging about my weight and my diet and my diabetes etc which I covered in a series of postings in December 2013 regarding weight loss and diet and my posting Justice, Big Money and Big Pharma on the… (more…)

Back Again To Wonder And To Pester.

Well after over two weeks of inactivity due to technical problems outside of my control, I am back to wonder, pester and generally get on the tits of all that is holy, glorious and nasty in the lying , cheating world that is Britain, Ireland and the Catholic Church, especially the Salford Diocese. Let me first of all get rid… (more…)