What Can You Believe In These Distorted Times.

Well what a quandary we are all in with a plane supposedly falling out of the sky having been hit by a sophisticated missile system fired by a punch drunk, vodka infused Ukrainian Russian and the plane dropping bodies all over the agricultural landscape of Eastern Ukraine. These bodies, so the locals tell us, had been dead for some days and in an advanced state of putrefaction, which seems odd when in fact they were supposed to be part of living and breathing humanity only hours before in the confines of Schipol Airport in Amsterdam after flight MH 17 took off with 298 people on board. Some bright spark suggests that these bodies are the recently thawed out deep frozen passengers from Malayan Airlines flight MH 370 with 239 people on board that mysteriously disappeared somewhere between the North and South Poles on 8th March this year. There has been some jiggery pokery going on with bodies on the ground suggesting there are a few Burke and Hares still knocking about, stealing bodies from the scene of the crash just so that the discrepancy in numbers of 59 souls between the two flights cannot be properly tallied.
This asks the question, that if the dropped bodies are these 239 from MH 370, where are the 298 who were supposed to be on MH 17? Obviously this asks another question which is when will the next plane crash be in order to lose this fresh 298? There is obviously an agenda here which is making people too scared to travel. Keep everybody penned-in in their own domesticity, stop that they can be better controlled. I myself have an interest here as both myself and my family are taking on quite a few plane journeys in the next few months and I would like to know whereabouts I am going to meet my Reaper.
It is only right that the governments of the world are up in arms demanding to know who was the culprit who pulled the trigger, who was the bastard who deep fried these thawed cadavers and why was the plane flying over a war zone when every other airline was on a detour round Eastern Ukraine, and was the supposed missile that did the damage meant for one of the two Ukrainian jets that had been accompanying the MH 17 flight, and was it hit by a missile at all, or was it made to crash land by remote control in a disputed area where evidence would be difficult to piece together. The scenario certainly asks more questions than there were passengers on the plane,
Well it looks as though the western finger is pointing at Putin and they are lining up, these Yankee, British, Frogs, and puffing out their chests and telling Putin that he had better come clean or else he is for it in the next game of marbles these politicos play. Meanwhile the French have delivered two warships to Russia this week to bolster Ivan’s armament capability. Two warships that France had contracted to build for its hateful enemy. A little like the two battleships that Britain built for Turkey in 1914. Churchill claimed them for the Royal Navy although the Turks had paid for them, the Germans in compensation gave the Turks two of theirs from their burgeoning fleet and Turkey joined war on the side of the Kaiser. If Churchill had been half as clever as some of the history books tell us, the hundreds of thousands of Allied and Turkish deaths at Gallipoli. Mesopotamia and Palestine in the First World War could have been avoided.
And with the sky raining bodies, what a good day to hide some really bad news, which makes one think that somewhere in this mass of dirty tricks, the Mossad has it long scrawny arm in it up to its oxter. Israel have decided to eliminate Gaza, this stone in the shoe of Zionist thinking. Whilst bodies drop from the sky in the Ukraine, Israel drops rockets on Gaza’s overcrowded streets. You do not have to be accurate in this tightly packed Palestinian enclave. Wherever you throw a bomb there you will hit somebody. As easy as throwing a grenade into a tightly packed fish tank. When the aerial bombardment stopped the Israelis, like good minded citizens sent in their waste disposal teams armed with tanks and bulldozers, to clean up the blood, move the hardcore off the streets and shoot anybody who blinks an eye. And none of this mayhem is being reported, recorded or being checked by our supposed good governance.
No other country in the world could get away with this massacre of innocents. The powers that deal in this type of global policing would normally be on to this national bullying immediately and their caper stopped but unfortunately the powers are busy having a game of tag with their mates over in the Ukraine, and anyway it is the Mossad and their Zionist leaders that control global everything including global policing. So while the kids are playing in the next street the grown-ups can get rid of a few hundred neighbours from hell in Gaza.
So what is it with all these people who rule our lives when they give us overkill on disinformation, what is their purpose. Well it can only be to control us, to scare us. To make the good guys look bad and vice versa. They know the majority of people are daft as bats and will believe in anything they are told. They know we few who question situations are small in number and a lid can be put on our activity. We really are powerless until the majority awake from their slumber. All we can do is empower our individuality and make it as difficult as possible for them to control us and please while your reading this feel for the poor Palestinians, an endangered species.

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  1. To Paul M:

    I’m afraid, Paul, in 30 degrees Centigrade heat (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit)around the area, a dead body (and one disfigured at that) will tend to decay rather quickly.

    The inability of the authorities to get to the site, the possible tampering with or removal of evidence, the possible looting of possessions, all this will give the Conspiracy Theorists a field day. No one will want to admit that the most likely answer, that an idiot fired a surface to air missile at a civilian plane and caused this carnage.

    The delay in investigating could mean much of the evidence is removed, making it more difficult to identify the culprits, I’d suggest that’s more likely. Please note at no time whatever has Putin actually denied that the Ukraine-backed rebels may have been responsible.

    Russia spent 8 years denying they shot down a South Korean plane in 1983 for allegedly straying into their air space, before they eventually came clean.

    We await the investigation, that is, if the investigators are actually allowed to do their job. If the rebels are innocent, why the hold-up?

  2. Netanyahu. A blustering latter-day Mussolini. But unfortunately sustained militarily by Western arms manufacturers and “sympathetic” politicians.They appear to still have the Wermacht training manuals in the Israeli military.

  3. Poor Ukrainians. All they want is freedom to live their lives in peace. They do not want to return to Mr Putin’s new soviet russia. He who rues the day that his beloved system and his KGB came crashing down. All this pretence at suddenly discovering “God” and Christianity is just smoke and mirrors. Once a communist always a communist. The West has to accept that this man who will be in power for his lifetime poses a threat to any country that opposes him.

  4. I see most of you do not believe or follow my train of thought but go to jimstonefreelance.com on 23rd July for my story to be corroberated,

  5. Sorry Paul but where is the evidence? “70% of Ukrainians support re-annexation to Russia’!!!!! Come here and ask them. Anyone? This is the one major driving force behind the present conflict; they do not want to return to the dark days of communism. They see Putin for what he is. The West has failed to do this. Now it is about appeasement. Lo and here we go again. Appeasing him will only make him stronger. Note that this is not about hurting the Russian people but about stopping a tyrant before he does any more damage.

    1. David,
      I am not talking about what the Ukrainians think or don’t think. I am talking about what a sham that supposed plane crash was. Did you not read the suggested text from my last comment.

    1. Popular opinion suggested I took the thread down until AM was sentenced, when that happens I will resurrect it

  6. To all;

    I’d gathered that’s what had happened to ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ and St Ambrose, with around 250 postings to date, with no doubt more to come.

    It’s probably better to be safe than sorry, no-one wants to be accused of contempt of court, there was a danger that may have happened.

    We await Trial Part Deux and then the verdicts of both…

  7. Paul That is where I got the startling “fact” that 70% of Ukrainians want to see their country taken over – annexed – by Russia. This is a nonsense figure. How can I believe anything else that is posted by Jimstone if this is the kind of fact I am supposed to take without comment?

    1. To insider,
      It was posted in court that sentencing was to be in the afternoon of 29th August 2014. I do not know the programming of the other case/s.

  8. Its beyond me why anyone would think the MSM is anything but lies. Assume they are lying until evidence suggests they are not. I even question the football results these days.

    How long does it take a mannequin to decompose?

    I want one of those new super resistant passports!

    Is it a bird, is it a plane… No its fuck all

    Eh Taylor, the yanks spent 30 years lying about the gulf of tonkin incident until they were forced to come clean.

    Netanyahoo… More of a Churchill/Stalin/Roosevelt than a Mussolini/Hitler if you ask me. Mussolini and Hitler didn’t have a policy of targeting civilians.

    How many countries has Putin invaded? How many countries has the West invaded? You still think that Putin is the threat?
    “How can I believe anything else that is posted by Jimstone”
    Yet you swallow the MSM crap without question.

  9. To Danny:

    One of these days you may make some sense, sadly, yet again, this is not one of them.

    Go and speak to your nut-case Conspiracy Theorists, ‘Son of God’ David Icke and current gob-shite Chris Spivey. They no doubt will have a completely irrational explanation for what happened.

    I think the current heat-wave has caused your brain to overload….

  10. To Danny:

    If you believe in no-one but yourself, someone famously said, then you, yourself, become the problem….

    1. You have to admit Paul T that photographic evidence alone qualifies this venture as being highly suspicious and I am not talking about mannequins. The juxtaposition of MH17 and MH 370 needs some explanation when examined side by side.

  11. To Paul M

    I’m not Aeronautical Crash Investigator, neither are you. Let’s not jump the gun on this one, in an ideal world the site would have been kept intact in order to preserve evidence. I’ll leave this to the expert investigators.

    There’s no-one to blame for the disruption of the crash site other than the Russian-backed Ukranian militia and their failure to cordon off the area. This allowed certain people to wander all over the site, including a journalist, who thought it was a good idea to rummage through one victim’s belonging whilst being filmed. What an idiot.

  12. Danny. My friends call me Brian-but from you my surname will do. “Mussolini and Hitler didn’t target civilians”. I think even Mr Gove’s “big history colouring book ” would nail that one for you.

  13. To Brian L, Paul T and David A, I hope you forgive my son’s impolity but he does not, I think, understand our intimacy. However I thought I would allow his comment on the grounds that discussion will eventually lead to resolution. Personally I think there is some mileage in what he is trying to say, if only it could be said less bluntly, Bluntness does tend to raise one’s ire, but in these situations I tend to take in all propositions and think the matter through. I obviously do not take heed of what the main stream media have to say because their agenda is different. They do not seek the truth. Forgive me gentlemen

  14. Hi Danny It is not that I believe everything that msn says, but that I know from my own observation that what Jimstone says is nonesene. As for Putin – well he really has not yet started. We now know that he is not the likeable chap we once thought. Time as always will tell of course- and Putin has plenty of that left. What is certain and I do reiterate it – Ukrainians do not want to be re-assimilated into a new soviet union. I could give you chapter and verse of the number of my friends with histories of the atrocities they had to suffer under communism. No free Blogs then to vent your anger.

  15. When somebody uses the phrase “mainstream media”, it is usually a pretty clear sign that they will swallow whichever conspiracy theory is popular at the time.

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