Rusty, Legless and Slosh – A Positive And Two Negatives

Well things have been happening so quickly these past few days it is hard to keep up with the progress, the news, the appointments, the disappointments.  One following the other in quick succession as sure as  day followed night.

But first the good news “Rusty” aka Timothy Rustige, my old mate from Altrincham, was released from Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow last Friday, after serving just over three months of a nine month sentence unjustly imposed by a Scottish judge for telling the world that Elish Angiolini was nothing but a cunt. Elish Angiolini, a one time Lord Advocate of Scotland but now languishing in academia, a protective cover awarded to her by the establishment for evil deeds well done.  The Governor of Barlinnie, Mr Derek McGill, having been subjected to a tsunami of mail from beligerent campaigners, threw his dummy out of his pram and told the Scottish Prison Service “its either him or me, Barlinnie is not big enough for the two of us”

“Him” of course was Rusty and he was expressed through the release system quicker than you could eat a Barlinnie dinner and out he came on Friday morning, like a new born chick, ready once more to put the world and its darkest corners to rights, albeit 7kgs lighter than when he acquainted himself with the grimness of Scottish prisons on March 27th this year.

All this happened as the population of the United Kingdom was gearing itself for action after several more drips from the tap of child sexual abuse.  It appears that a few files regarding this historic child abuse had gone missing, not one file  but as the Home Office civil servants owned up to, 114 had been vanished and lurking at the back of it all is the dark Lithuanian Jewish shadow of Leon Brittan, who has been blamed for raping a student in the 1960s, helping lose the Dicken’s dossier of child abuse by high rankers in the 1980s and is a cousin of another Tory bigwig, Malcolm Rifkind, who is in some way linked to the abuse of children at a school in Dunblane in Scotland where a chap called Hamilton, a noted child sexual abuser, went on a supposed rampage at an infant school in the said town some years ago and killed a dozen or so kids and a teacher and where in the thick of it, the same Elish Angiolini, her barber and their children live, she is up to the rims of her spectacles in more darkness.

Hovering over all of this is a now retired customs officer who, twenty years ago, stopped a suspicious looking gent driving off a car ferry in Dover.  He searched the vehicle and found evidence of child pornography and abuse, especially a “snuff” movie featuring the driver and showing the systematic murder of an eight year old boy, who through the course of the movie had his nipples sliced off, his genitalia chopped off and his body slashed with knives and finally he was decapitated and his head thrown into a bucket.  Experts at the time considered the young lad had suffered about eight hours of this torture before dying.  The customs officer had reported this man to his superiors who soon realised that the arrested man was a Member of Parliament.  They released him but reported the matter to Scotland Yard.

As I say this was 20 years ago and the customs officer has been struggling all this time to have his story told and now he is retired he is determined it will not be covered up.  Oh by the way, the MP who was arrested was none other than Leon Brittan.  The Metropolitan Police identified this boy, have a copy of this film and know about this MP and have known for 20 years and have chosen to do nothing.  This is not conjecture this is all true and is in the public domain.  It is not hearsay or gossip it is TRUE.

In the background and definitely deserving attention is the labour peer, Greville Janner who was once again interviewed recently by the police into the sexual abuse of young boys.  He has been interviewed many times but nothing is ever done.  We have known about this chap, a leading world wide Jewish and holocaust supporter since 1976, when Janner already a QC and MP was reported to us by my wife’s cousin who worked at a child care hostel in Leicester.  She actually mentioned Frank Beck, who was Chief of Childrens Services at Leicester council and Janner being hand in hand in the sexual abuse of children.  Beck was convicted later but Janner with his connections escaped but allegations are still arising about this man

Our super hero, Cameron, on hearing this outpouring of public disquiet and realising his sphincter was twitching like hell ordered Terry May, his transvestite Home Secretary, to stand up and do something, say something, to stop the noose tightening round all their necks.  Terry came up with the answer straight away.  She jumped to her feet in Westminster and announced a series of cover ups, sorry inquiries.  The first a review of how poorly the public structures dealt with the problem of child abuse.  The police, the local authorities etc will all be brought to task and this Inquiry will be led by the chair of the NSPCC, one Peter Legless.  The NSPCC has become a much discredited organisation over the years and Legless helped the much discredited Tory minister, Michael Portillo, through many years of discredited ministerial office, as his senior civil servant.  Not a good man to put in charge of anything to do with child sexual abuse.  However Mark Sidwell, the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office stood up in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee led by Keith Vaz, an equally discredited politician and told the world that the inquiry was to be led by Richard Whittam QC and the inquiry was to be called the Legless-Whittam Review.  Whittam himself is an equally discredited barrister having led the prosecution against the two men for the supposed false flag murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. will fill you in on those details and he will agree that Mr Whittam is a shade too dodgy to be heading this type of inquiry.  He is First Senior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court whose area of expertise is serious crime, fraud and terrorism.  I would suggest he knows as much about child sexual abuse as the Man in the Moon.

Then yesterday Terry May said a further Inquiry into sexual practices of MPs and Establishment figures in relation to many young boys and a few young girls would be headed by Madame Butler Slosh, a 81 year old retired judge who if cut in half would have the word establishment running through her like a stick of Blackpool rock.  Her father was a discredited High Court judge and her brother, Robert Michael Oldfield Havers QC, an MI6 plant, was Attorney General 1979-1987 and was responsible with others of burying the Dickens dossier.  He was a bitter opponent of Geoffrey Dickens and was responsible for not prosecuting Sir Peter Hayman of MI6 fame and paedophile traitor Geoffrey Prime of Elm Guest House notoriety.  He was also responsible for two of the most notable miscarriages of justice in British judicial history by representing the Crown and witholding evidence from the defence teams of the Guilford Four and the Maguire Seven, all of whom were wrongfully convicted.

Madame Baroness Butler Slosh’s husband is a known paedophile, His Honour Joseph Butler Slosh uses under age prostitutes in Kenya and England.  At least Dame Butler Slosh has experience of child abuse but at 81 is probably too old to feed herself and ridiculously too old to chair this kind of Inquiry, which will be a complicated multi-faceted upheaval of the great and the good.  Let us wait until we see her team before we criticise her too much however I am not holding out for any groundbreaking evidence that this is nothing but an establishment cover up.

I was uplifted last week with the news that was coming out but I can now sense the process has gone into reverse.  I fear a cover up of a cover up and as I write John Mann MP has told television reporters this morning that there are multiple copies of the Dickens dossier knocking about but they are all covered by a gagging order.  At the end of the day there will be such a mountain of conflicting evidence the truth will be overcome.  All we can do is keep showing the truth to as many people as can think and understand.  Which ain’t a lot.


7 thoughts on “Rusty, Legless and Slosh – A Positive And Two Negatives

  1. Well, I never.

    Politicians up to no good, who would have believed it? The next thing you’ll tell me is reporters hack innocent people’s phones.

    This could be the big moment when the currently cowering press get the big chance to shove the Leveson Inquiry right back down the politicians’ throats.

    As Corporal Jones used to say, “They don’t like it up ’em”. Step forward to the plate, Men of the Fourth Estate, cold steel at the ready. Let’s see if you are the journalistic equivalent of the currently all-conquering Deutschlanders uber Alles or, more likely, the quivering wrecks of the yellow-shirted (a rather apt colour, considering last night’s abject surrender) Brazilians.

    Let’s see how quick the gagging orders get slapped on to prevent Joe Public knowing anything about what really happened…

  2. We need a fearless,campaigning,voice of the people……perhaps Uncle Roop could find a role for Rebecca?

  3. To Brian Lefley:

    A good idea, but she got an estimated £12M pay-off from the Dirty Digger, so she doesn’t need the Wonga or another job just yet.

    Since no-one had mobiles in the era most of the alleged abuse took place, the former News of the Screws journos who might be investigating these abuse cases might have to indulge in some actual, hard investigative work instead of lazily tapping into other people’s voicemails.

    I’m not holding my breath on this one….

  4. To all:

    I can just see Butler-Schloss investigating how her own late brother attempted to cover up sexual abuse by Government ministers during his time as the Attorney General under Thatcher and others.

    If this were a legal case, she would be disbarred from being involved. I’m buying shares in Crown Paints because very shortly there’s going to be a very big order for whitewash……

  5. To all:

    Acccording to Teletext yesterday, already one abuse victim has come forward and claimed our ‘beyond reproach’ judge once tried to dissuade him from giving evidence of abuse as it involved a church, and she (the judge, that is) was uncomfortable with this, at it might harm the standing of the Third Estate.

    Oh dear, we’ve not got off to a good start here, the wheels are already beginning to work loose, time for some deodorant to suppress the overpowering smell of a cover-up…..

  6. To all:

    News today is that Butler Sloss has resigned, in view of all the information exuding from the crevices as regards her late brother, her alleged expressed intention of going easy on clerical offenders and several other matters which left her position untenable.

    Eventually the correct decision was made. What is utterly baffling is that these so-called (by themselves at least) clever people decided, with her rather obvious conflict of interests in
    investigating her own brother, that she was the right person for the job in the first place.

    It shows poor judgement on the part of the politicians, poor judgement on her part for accepting the position, but finally, at least the judge should be commended for having the sense to step down. All we need now is to get some agreement on a more suitable person to lead the inquiry. Some hope.

    On a lighter note, watching Terry May being kebabbed by the only slightly less suspect Keith Vaz today will have helped to scupper her chances of becoming leader when the time comes to replace our snake oil salesman Prime Minister, Call me Dave. On that, most people would agree.

    Hold back the order for Dulux, the whitewash won’t be needed just yet…..

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