Monthly Archives: July 2014

What Can You Believe In These Distorted Times.

Well what a quandary we are all in with a plane supposedly falling out of the sky having been hit by a sophisticated missile system fired by a punch drunk, vodka infused Ukrainian Russian and the plane dropping bodies all over the agricultural landscape of Eastern Ukraine. These bodies, so the locals tell us, had been dead for some days… (more…)


The Oxford English Dictionary describes the word synchronicity as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernable causal connection. Well I think a whole load of synchronicity has entered the life of the Connaught Rangers Association with the centenary year of the start of the mass destruction of humanity that people called the Great War… (more…)

The Shit, The Fan And The Fallout.

Well the shit is definitely hitting the fan and the fallout from it all will be massive and dangerous as the ordinary people fired by the alternative media are about to take on the government and their tools, the police, the armed forces and the gooks in the security services.  Heads will roll on both sides both physically and metaphorically.… (more…)

Rusty, Legless and Slosh – A Positive And Two Negatives

Well things have been happening so quickly these past few days it is hard to keep up with the progress, the news, the appointments, the disappointments.  One following the other in quick succession as sure as  day followed night. But first the good news “Rusty” aka Timothy Rustige, my old mate from Altrincham, was released from Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow… (more…)