Timothy Rustige Denied

News in this morning From Timothy Rustige, the 65 year old Altrincham man incarcerated in a Scottish Victorian cess-pit called HMP Barlinnie for nothing more than letting people know that the former and disgraced Lord Advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini, was nothing other than a depraved cunt.  While Timothy’s early release date was the 3rd June 2014, the riot at HMP Grampian, which he had no hand in, caused about 100 prisoners to be transferred to Barlinnie and his early release process stopped.

However  over the last week prisoners who had been at Grampian with him and in fact been guilty of criminal activity have had their early release papers sanctioned even though they had been imprisoned after Timothy.  Whereas this process is in the remit of the Scottish Prison Service, it seems there is a dark vindictive hand moving the pieces in this crazy game of chess.  We can only think that Alex Salmond is this dark vindictive hand because his paranoia is overcoming his political judgement in the run up to the vote in September that decides whether he goes or stays.

So while Timothy, who has bugger all else to do in his enforced 23 hour per day lock in, decided to pen this little ditty to spell out what Salmond and his cronies in the SNP are about.  Mr Prisoner of Conscience Timothy Rustige, if you can hear me, stand up and take a bow, you are the Poet Laureate of Barlinnie. 


 A is for Alex  –  the Porky Pie’s handle,

L stands for Liar  –  viz the Hollie Greig scandal,

E for Evasion of FOI Commission demands,

X for Xenophobia of Sassenach exposé bands.


S is for Secrets and Speculative Society,

A for Aberdeen  –  a den of paedophile disquiety,

L for Legality  –  a marketable proposition,

M for Masonic  –  corrupt crony sedition,

O for Obese  –  Salmond’s gluttonous condition,

N stands for Nonces  –  immune from prosecution,

D for Damnation  –  the fate of criminal institutions.


S precedes the Scandal that Alex tries to hide,

N is for Neglect  –  injustice’s eager bride,

P for Police  –  an insult to Scotland’s pride.

One thought on “Timothy Rustige Denied

  1. Paul,

    Fat chance of Tim Rustige being transferred back to England, ceratinly not to a prison anyway. It’s just been announced that, following last year’s example of Coalition forward thinking to reduce the number of prison places, they’re full to bursting point.

    The worrying thing is in three months’ time there is a possibility that Salmond & Co will completely take over the running of Scotland. Perish the thought. If that’s the case, I suggest we should extradite Angelo Dundee Cake from Oxford back to her homeland and send back Tim to Sassenach-land.

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