A Petition To Free Rusty

A supporter has got this petition up today hopefully to put pressure to bear on the Scottish Prison Service in order for them to grant Timothy Rustige early release from an environment that he should never have been put into in the first place.  The man is an old age pensioner from Altrincham who questioned the right of Elish Angiolini being allowed to become Principal of St Hugh’s College in Oxford.  Please sign it and pass it on to whoever you know
From: X
Date: 8 Jun 2014 10:34
Subject: A petition for Rusty
To: Y
Hi Y, How are you?
Can you spread the word about this petition,even tell Rusty as though I have told him in a letter that could take days
Paul Malpas for example
Do you have a landline number or just the mobile?
This is an urgent plea to help a man I know who has suffered severely and is a prisoner of conscience.

2 thoughts on “A Petition To Free Rusty

  1. “We don’t let our friends face the trolls alone.”

    Your information is made-up & contradictory. A 2012 stroke victim who runs for 90 minutes a day, when not in prison… Sure… Rusty’s biggest mistake was sharing ANYTHING with 3rd parties like you & Robert Green… You’re a GCHQ bumboy, your level of intelligence & interest in this subject assures it. Others won’t make such amateur mistakes.

  2. Judge Martin Cardinal? One of the Scottish Mafia? Just jailed a Grandmother for seeing her grandchild.Daily Mail today.

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