Rusty Starts To Beat Barlinnie

For all new readers Timothy Rustige is a prisoner of conscience banged up in the hell hole called Barlinnie for trying to tell the world that Cunt Angiolini, ex Lord Advocate of Scotland is what it says on the can.  Timothy is halfway through is actual incarceration and is bearing up magnificently

Well the campaign to get Rusty free from the wretched HMP Barlinnie seems to have had some affect on the powers that be.  Here are excerpts from recent letters from Rusty kindly passed on by our good friend Gillian.

The tone is positive and up-beat and I suggest Rusty is using all his powers to step back from the aura of bestiality that pervades Victorian Barlinnie.


Excerpts from Rusty’s latest:


31st May                                                                        


Had a video link ‘visit’ (cyber-variety) from Scott yesterday afternoon relating the antics of Robert’s trial hearing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.  He relates that Robert’s trial is now set for late June  (I’m sure I’ll be brought up-to-date with the full details in the coming week) and mentioned the sheriff cautioning the trio of broomstick merchants over harassing Robert outside the court.  (These are the women allegedly taking part in the abuse of Hollie Greig, who form the Hollie Hoax Group.  One of whom is supposed to be something to do with GCHQ in Cheltenham)


Okay, now for a bit of semi-good news.  Due to receipt of letters of complaint from supporters I was summoned to the Deputy Governor’s office yesterday and basically fobbed off with the fact that Barlinnie ‘is a prison’ and the food is okay.  (?  He eats it every day, and he looks like a Dickensian-Pickwickian Toby jug  –  paunchy  –  with the handle missing.)  Same with the 23-hour lock-in: “It is a prison”.  Maybe get moved to low-risk ‘D’ Hall, be given a job  –  etc, etc, et al.  Too many in here since Grampian transfers filled the place to bursting capacity  –  etc  –  and more excuses/no exceptions/all criminals.


However, he assured me I was now back on low-risk category status again and my stalled tag-release paperwork would be started …  from ‘day one’ (?) in the ‘near future’!  Que ?


Apparently he’s rattled by the stream of support mail I’m receiving.  He doesn’t like hi-viz public interest (public concern) prisoners queering up his little fiefdom with petitions/protests from outside in the ‘real world’.


So my stalled (13/5/14 early tag-release paperwork will not be re-started but simply started again from scratch  –  and can take up to six weeks to expedite: OR a couple of days, IF Barlinnie call up Ren to do the ‘community assessment’ and simply inquire if we have/own our own home/live there/she’s my wife, and if I’m welcome back there at that address.  Hmmmm  –  all so easy  …  and so hard.


Conversely, the prison officers on our H3 landing in A-Hall are quite aware of the Hollie Greig scandal and the fact I’m a political prisoner/freelance journalist, in here for exposing the links of ranking government and judiciary officials to the scandal of investigation-suppression and cover-up  –  and they too are gob-smacked at the stream of support mail I’m receiving (they have to open it).  They relate I’m a ‘hot potato’ for the Deputy Governor to juggle if he gets bombarded with protest mail from supporters, questioning why my tag-release paperwork processing was stalled when I had no involvement with the Grampian riot  –  and why it has to be re-started from day one when the processing was already two weeks in motion. 


Hence the gospel according to the prison officers themselves is to bombard the system (Scottish Prison Service) and specifically the Barlinnie Deputy Governor with polite inquiries and protests (e-mails and letters) concerning the status of my stalled early tag-release paperwork.


Please circulate this to all and sundry  –  especially David Icke and Chris Spivey websites and the UK Column.  I’ve already written to Belinda with theis latest information viz the meeting with the Deputy Governor  –  who didn’t seem too happy with having a published author/investigative journalist stuck in his bailiwick and likely to write all manner of less than complimentary articles about Barlinnie (or him!) in future days.


Hence any and all letters of inquiry and protest might just get my tag release moving ahead.  Let’s hope so.


Seriously, when I was face-to-face with the Deputy Governor I could instinctively tell he was unnerved and intimidated by all the letters of complaint and protest expressing concern viz my welfare.  If  enough supporters can be persuaded to carry on contacting the Scottish Prison Service/HMP Barlinnie with a deluge of e-mails and letters questioning my tag release, and why it was blocked/stalled rather than re-started from where it left off, then the campaign could pick up force at an exponential rate and galvanise the prison authorities into processing my tag-release paperwork sooner rather than later.


Many grateful thanks to everyone for their concern and continued petitioning/protest efforts on my behalf.  It warms my spirit and soul to know that I have supporters out there exposing and combating the injustices visited on Robert and myself and others over this venal scandal viz Hollie and the Aberdeen ‘untouchables’ paedo-abuse ring.


Let us not overlook the critical point factor in all petition/protest to HMP Barlinnie: that the imprisonment of journalists/writers/satirical bloggers bears the historical stigmata of a society/totalitarian regime with something to hide.


Well, all you guys outside can do is try  …


1st June


My blood pressure is down and I feel a bit better in myself with now knowing what the score is with the paperwork, and the fact that my previous prisoner ‘low risk’ category (back to ‘high’ for us all due to transfer) was back to ‘low’ again.


Hard-core HMP Barlinnie is chocker-block full due to the HMP Grampian transfers.  All Ellon Block convicted prisoners plus all remand and ‘protection’ block prisoners from Ellon Level 3  –  in fact the Deputy governor related that only the ‘lifers’ were left there, and the women prisoners in Banff Block.  The Young Offenders were cleared out too  –  even though in Cruden Block.  Must have had their own riot, maybe ?


So let’s hope Barlinnie’s ‘no rooms at the inn’/full house factor works in my favour when the letters of complaint/protest start to arrive on the Governor’s desk questioning my stalled early-release paperwork, and they decide to free up some cell space and expedite my tag release.


First of June today  –  the 3rd on Tuesday  –  my earliest (quarter sentence) tag-release date.  Hence I could –  if HMP Barlinnie’s hierarchy got their proverbial fingers out, be legally released on a home-detention curfew (HDC) licence and tagged from Tuesday onwards  –  up to August 11th, when I’m a free man anyway.


The melanoma on my forearm isn’t malignant (yet ?!) but a damned nuisance if I don’t have access to decent skin moisturisers  –  which I’ve no chance of here.  But that’s the least of cumulative health problems on this malnutrition diet regime.  I told the Deputy Governor (he eats prison slop every day) I live off raw foods/veg-salads-fruit and home-made juices diet when at home and ‘never’ touch processed or junk foods in any shape or form –  especially the ‘chew and spew’ variety served in Scottish prisons.


But since meeting the Deputy Governor on Friday and knowing that supporters will push/petition for my tag release, then I’m more positive in my outlook that something can be salvaged from this ‘SNAFU’ of a riot and transfer incident.


In the ‘real world’ and our unbridled freedom of movement we seem to overlook the bounty of life (sunshine and fresh air) and in here the most insignificant things take on a profound significance.  A hairbrush, skin lotion, a razor, a shave, a shower when you want (and need) one  –  ironing clothes, a handkerchief  –  all denied.  Nail files, emery boards  –  snagged nails are a constant annoyance.  Then we have diet.  Say no more on that controversial subject matter!


I so miss my early-morning jogging  –  one-and-a-half hours, rain or shine.  That ritual inspires a heightened state of awareness, due to the respiration/cardio-vascular exertion, and promotes such crystal clarity of thought and mind, and creative thinking  –  and that I miss almost as much as my beloved Ren and family and grandchildren.  I’ve forever been the outdoors child  –  and especially so in the wilds  –  the more rugged the better, if I’m on my own.


Ha  –  small wonder that so many of the HMP Barlinnie inmates are on ‘meds’/ ‘happy pills’ to ease their angst and suffering.  But not me  –  no thanks.



More news and better news from Rusty


2 June, 2014


Well, the intrepid efforts of my stalwart supporters are having a definite  –  hopefully positive  –  effect with HMP Barlinnie management.


This morning I had the actual A-Hall Governor come to my cell purposely viz the same concerns  –  basically the same ground was covered.  Thus I was able to express concerns on diet (I’ve been on a raw food diet since suffering a stroke in 2012) and told him the accumulative negative effects of this poor diet were going to play havoc with my health down the road.


As to my stalled Home Detention Curfew (HDC) early-release paperwork processing, he advised me he was going over to the HDC Office after leaving me to ascertain the status of my tag-release processing   –  with me advising that my earliest tag-release date is actually tomorrow  –  the 3rd June.


So everyone’s efforts are already serving to galvanise the management into addressing prisoner-orientated concerns  –  and perhaps, regarding this morning’s visit from the Governor, some positive action in initiating my early tag release.  Big thank you to you all!  I shall keep you scrupulously posted on news and developments as they evolve.  Hopefully further letters of compliant and petition for my early tag release will galvanise the hierarchy into definite and prompt action to get rid of this ‘hot potato’ (me) and, too, free up some cell (dungeon) space.




Second round of thanks to Belinda and everyone.  I’m  –  as of this morning  –  inundated with 3 deliveries (parcels) of writing pads and envelopes  –  enough to keep me going for months (hopefully won’t need for that long).  So please ask Belinda to post on blog a big thank you to all supporters for this (am writing to them anyway) effort and display of kindness, and let them know I’m now alright for stationeries.  What a superb and passionate display of support  –  bravo, and so grateful to all concerned. 


Viz BBC Alba (Scotland) TV today  –  the BBC (nationwide?) are to (finally) air a programme exposing the crimes and misdemeanours of Sir Jimmy Savile  –  originally blocked by BEEB hierarchy a few years back just in case it started jogging victims’ memories and rattling skeletons in cupboards.  The BBC disgust me.  As I write I have here before me a letter from BBC Alba to Anne Greig apologising (dated 10/6/2009) for spiking, at the last minute, the well-researched programme ‘Hollie’s Story’  –  claiming they would be unable to defend any resulting libel actions that the airing sparked.  Hand of one Levy & McCrae scumbag evident here.  Eminence Gris, Rasputin of the Glens  –  one Peter Watson, maybe ?


Thus we speculate: if the Savile scandal has prompted the BEEB to finally air an updated version of their earlier spiked story, when might they be prompted to likewise aire Anne and Hollie’s story ?  Hopefully the Justice for Hollie campaign reaches a critical mass state and erupts in a chain reaction of biblical proportions.


I really do hope that my next news is of a favourable report regarding my tag release being approved and processed, and I’m out of here before the summer of 2014 goes the way of the dodo.  Oh well, worst case scenario is August 11th and tomorrow is the 69-day halfway point of sentence served (suffered?)


So keep up the good works, all of the scores of you out there who write to me.  Your latest efforts on my behalf, petitioning HMP Barlinnie management, and the result it elicited today is a great morale booster.  Let’s have fingers crossed that the Governor is as good as his word and he kick-starts the stalled tag processing  –  and that their HDC Department don’t come up with some pathetic excuse that I don’t qualify for an early tag release.  We shall see!


So there we have it a perfect picture of a man who can see the pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow.  Keep your chin up old chap and you will soon be in Ren’s arms once more and bugger Angiolini, McCaskill, Salmond and others their day is yet to come.

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