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Comings And Goings At St Bede’s

With all the comings and goings at St Bede’s College in Manchester lately poor Mrs Sandra Pike dopes not know where she is or what she is.  In one part of the St Bede’s website she seems not to have relinquished her tight grip on the school because on the staff roll she still clings to the title of Acting… (more…)

Historic Abuse Is Now At Bede’s

Yesterday after welcoming the new head of St Bede’s and offering him my best wishes in a posting entitled Salve Richard Robson, a prospective parent wrote a comment asking why I am so vindictive about the school when he on inspection found it so warm and wonderful.  He asked me for my thoughts and so I sat down early this… (more…)

Salve Richard Robson

On Thursday last, 19th June 2014, St Bede’s College in Manchester unofficially announced the appointment of their new head teacher, Mr Richard Robson who is the Deputy Head of St Joseph’s College in Reading.  Mr Robson was appointed to that post in 2011 after a teaching job in Basingstoke.  I understand is subject is drama and that he had trained at… (more…)

McAleese versus Borgoglio versus Nature

Our beautiful, friendly and much deluded Pope Francis also known as Jorge Borgoglio, has decided in his wisdom to call a Synod of Bishops to review the Catholic Church’s teaching on family life in October this year.  You would think what a wholesome and good thing to do until you start lifting the stones that are  scattered around in this… (more…)