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Rusty is being Barlinnied

News is coming out of Barlinnie that Timothy Rustige is suffering badly in the holocaustic atmosphere in Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow.  I have just had an e-mail from a friend of Rusty who tells me that he has run out of paper and cannot get anything but scraps off prison staff.  I append below the e-mail she sent me below. … (more…)

Rusty – The Bard Of Barlinnie

My mate Timothy Rustige was just getting used to the privations of HMP Grampian having been sent there by the obnoxious behaviour of a Scottish legal scumbag called Elish Angiolini, who perjured herself rotten in the Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court in February this year and her evidence was the cause of the swooning Sheriff Pile giving Rusty a nine month sentence… (more…)

Comings And Goings At St Bede’s College In Manchester

Well it certainly looks as though some of the i’s have been dotted and some of the t’s crossed at St Bede’s College in Manchester, where skullduggery has been the order of the day for the last five months at this once famous school.  Ever since the Independent Schools Inspectorate descended at the end of last year and stated that… (more…)

Justice? Big Money and Big Pharma.

Well hello good reader and I apologise, it is three weeks since my last confession, three weeks in which a lot has happened to me and during which time I have learnt a lot.  Three weeks ago I caught a plane to Manchester.  My main reason for going was to find out as much as I could about a recently… (more…)