Smart Meters, A Step Too Far – Part 5

Well it is the start of Day 18, I think.  Any way it is 6th April 2014 and the situation outside is looking a little drab.  The bright shiny new barriers the meter men put up on instruction from Sierra have lost their lustre and every day somebody or something causes their once perfect symmetry to become disarrayed.  Landcruiser herself is looking downhearted at this tarnishing of her garland and to make matters worse it looks as though she has two slow punctures on her rear wheels.  This deflation has made her look twice as sad as she should be, so today I have promised to blow a little air up her rear which should liven her up considerably.  I have just worked out that whilst she has sat in her present position I have wasted about 160 euros in road tax.  I’ll have to add that onto Irish Water’s burgeoning debt to me.

Somebody has commented on my last posting on this subject as to whether there has been any other protests in the area and if not has everybody been fluoridated to hell causing addled minds.  It does seem as though all the locals are content to continue drinking the piss they call water round here because the roll out of meters is persisting unabated.  Fluoridation might well have a lot to do with this apathy as it is well known that it inhibits brain function.  But also I have noticed over the years that it does take a lot for the Irish psyche to become unbalanced.  They have suffered a lot these last seven years especially, and nary a whimper to show their displeasure.  Perhaps it is just a post-colonial glitch considering how they were treated by the Brits for over 700 years. “Now that we are free of the yoke, let us remain with our heads down whilst this Irish and good government slap another yoke on our shoulders.”  Acceptance does become a way of life that is hard to throw off.

My philosophy is do not accept anything at face value, question everything, do your own research and certainly distrust authority in all its forms.  This morning I was looking at a short film.  It asked the question what is wrong with Nazism.

The truth is or was nothing, because if there was anything wrong with Nazism, or facism, or communism, or socialism or what we even have now, we will call it nowism, they would not have been elected.  The trouble is all these idealists preach collectivism.

What is right for the common good?  And the answer to that question is where it all breaks down.  The rights of the individual were relegated as meaning nothing, Common Law was thrown out the window.  Every country that has suffered because of authoritarian collectivism was a constitutional republic with a bill of rights and elected their particular authorities with the power to attain the common good.  Somehow or other we have to rethink government and I am starting with my stopcock.

So beware Enda Kenny & Co, beware David Cameron & Co, beware Barak Oedema & Co and especially beware Alex Salmond & Co(w shite) your end is nigh, my 13 year old stopcock will see to that.  It is only a small beginning but I hope it grows into something a deal more humanitarian than those four stooges & Co could ever imagine.

3 thoughts on “Smart Meters, A Step Too Far – Part 5

  1. National Socialism was a reaction of the persecution of the German civilian population to the those that come under the banner of Judaea. ( Listen to some of Hitler’s speeches. He was trying to solve the same problems that we all face today. Look at the suicide rate in Germany before Hitler took over and look at them after he has introduced national socialism. The figures speak for themselves…

  2. Do you know “The Girl Against Fluoride”
    ”The Girl Against Fluoride’ is taking the Irish Government to court because they continue to add dangerous and untested chemicals to the Irish drinking water supply. And in nearly 50 years haven’t produced any testing to show that it’s safe. and its NOT! Her FB

    1. I certainly do know the Girl Against Fluoride, I met her at a conference in Westport and a smart young lady she is.

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