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The Dark Box And Our Unspoken Words

I have just finished reading The Dark Box:A Secret History Of Confession by John Cornwell, an excellent writer with a long history of books regarding the Catholic Church, who is only just hanging on by a thread to his Catholicism, mainly because of massive encouragement from his wife. The book is a marvellously researched history of the sacrament of confession… (more…)

Timothy Rustige As Spunky As Ever

I am in close contact with Timothy Rustige, the other man from Cheshire locked up in a Scottish dungeon for allegedly telling Dame Angelo Dundee Cake or her pseudonym Dame Elish Angiolini that she was only a wanker.  Despite the privations of prison Timothy is in great form but he would dearly love a cuddle with his wife, Ren, a decent… (more…)

Robert Green, A Prisoner Without Trial.

This morning I have just had an urgent message from Aberdeen that Robert Green, the Warrington man in Perth prison since 12th February, is in a poor condition.  Robert, who has not been given a trial, has been deteriorating for nearly a month.  It took the prison authorities a week to bring in a doctor who suspected angina and gave… (more…)

The People v Borgoglio, Pachon, Welby and Others

Yesterday in my blog posting of 15th April 2014 entitled St Bede’s College in Manchester and the Salford Diocese – Part 2, I got into an unseemly spat with one of my commentators, who goes under the pseudonym of Old Bedian.  Normally he and I agree with everything that has and is going on in the Catholic Church and at… (more…)