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Now we here at the Paul Malpas Blog have been very patient, almost kind to our old alma mater, St Bede’s College in Manchester.  We have said nothing detrimental about the poor school in nearly three months, letting time take its toll.  We have allowed Danny Kearney and his senior management team to continue digging the hole they have been digging for the past four years, but there comes a point with any hole, that if you do not provide side support, the bloody thing just falls in on top of you and having been in the construction industry all our lives, we know what we are talking about.

Well it has happened to Danny and his team and happened in a big way.  Danny has been telling the chief arab or bishop or whoever pays his wages these days to leave it up to him and they did and it happened.  I understand rescue teams have been alerted and some already are at work but whether they can save anything or anybody, we do not know and only time and some brave actions will tell, as the rescuers burrow down into the pile of shite that has landed on Danny and his mate’s heads.

It seems last term, St Bede’s was hit by a surprise inspection by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate), the government inspectorate that regulates all independent schools to ensure that parents get what it says on the can and that the school is abiding by present legislation.

Well the results of that inspection have now been announced to the privileged few, they will be published for all shortly.  It appears that the standard of teaching in the prep school and at the College is good but the governors and the management of the school scored an “unsatisfactory” mark.  That is ISI-speak for bloody dreadful.  It is only one grade above “failing”.

The Bishop was informed immediately and summoned a meeting of the governors (of which he is one) and senior management of the school (Kearney and his cronies) which took place last week.  Whatever happened at that meeting we do not know, it was held behind locked doors but it seems that old Danny was not able to explain satisfactorily, the criticisms of the Inspectorate.  The upshot was that he took his ball and went home and has not been out to play since.  The official line is that he is on “sick leave” again and we all thought his mental problems were behind him.  Obviously he has had a relapse.

Of course Old Brainless, the Bishop, who was still smarting from the frontal assault on his person by a determined band of parents last summer, has decided that this recent report and subsequent actions was the last straw, at last.  He has certainly taken his time over the matter but brainless by name, brainless by nature.

Because it cannot be left at that, with one side sulking at home and the other fuming in the playground.  We can only reasonably deduce that the truth that many parents and staff saw and what we in this blog wrote about over the last few years has finally come home to roost and we have all been vindicated in our opinions.

Quinlan and Kearney’s deceit, detestation of parents and their total ineptitude have been found out and it looks as though Kearney is no more.  Vaporised by independent but official criticism and obviously the florid Quinlan cannot live through this mess either, his days must be numbered.  In fact Brainless might already be counting.  Perhaps and has we all know his days are also numbered.  New brooms please, certainly Trigger, who sadly died yesterday has left one spare.  But Brainless who is now well passed the age of reason has a good few tonnes of shite from other sources about to drop on his head and it might be a case of a fleet of road-sweepers and not an army of brushes that will be needed.

Whilst this problem will be massively difficult for the school and the good teachers or those that are left, they will be free from the binding shackles of the oppressive Kearney regime.  Given time, and they have not been given much time; do not forget that recruitment for next year will now be underway and when this report comes into the public domain, which it will in the next few days, it will go viral, with the result that the poor recruitment suffered last year will be severely magnified this year.  But given time under a new head, if they can find one, and under a new chair of governors, which will be easy, next priest forward please, it might be able to rebuild.  But they will have to be quick because Pike has been left Acting Head; God help everybody.  I suppose Brainless had no choice other than putting himself in charge.  The loitering Byrne would have been a better bet but even he is probably past it by now and if he has any sense left he would not touch the temporary job with mine never mind his.

The apologists and there were many, this blog is full of comments from idiots taking us to task for criticising Kearney’s woeful antics, should hang their heads in shame.  It is they who have allowed Kearney to languish in his megalomania and make shite of a proud institution.  We , who were despised by so many, we, the doom- mongers have been proved right all along.

Poor Mrs Carr-Deed and Mr Barber, the real casualties of this foul regime, must be allowing themselves a sad but wry smile today.  I do hope that both of them have recovered their dignity and come out OK.

For everybody interested and who wants to read the report in full and wallow in Kearney’s death throes, the ISI website will be publishing the report any day now: http://www.isi.net/

Our personal opinion is as we have opined on several occasions in the last year, Brainless and Florid have let the school decline too far, for whatever clandestine reason.  It has now listed a degree or two beyond the point of recovery.  Rescue from this point would need a miracle, but have we not got the old Catholic Church on hand.  Are they not good on miracles?

10 thoughts on “Even More On St Bede’s College In Manchester

  1. And so it came to pass … A sad day in many respects but truth is best confronted ideally with a talented new broom .

    1. Phil,
      Your incredible, I only published seven minutes ago. You must be a mind reader. Your last comment along with my reply and the blog posting itself was wiped by an unknown hand, some hand of darkness beyond my naus. I rewrote the piece as best I could but your comment is no more. God bless Australia.

  2. A sad day indeed, but this one’s been a long time coming.

    As I asked six months ago, where’s a Superhead when you need one?

    Unlike a State school, Bede’s is first and foremost a business. If it doesn’t turn this around quickly, the Estate Agents will be visiting Alexandra Road South and Brantingham Road faster than you can say ‘For Sale’ or even ‘Under Offer’.

    To paraphrase a terrible football euphemism, Bede’s now need a head who will be a ‘Marquee Signing’ i.e. a well-known Superhead with a nothing less than brilliant track record in turning failing schools round. I sincerely wish this person the best, my one fear would be the return of Mr Brine (sic).

    I would have thought the unannounced ISI visit was, in view of the prevailing situation at Bede’s, about as welcome as rabies in a Guide Dogs Home. Just when you’re on the canvas, someone comes along and sticks in the size 10 hobnails into your nads.

    C’est la vie, and by the way, all you doubters, Paul M and many others did warn you not to believe the PR claptrap emanating from the Alma Mater.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the impending sexual abuse case. It never rains but it pours, eh?

  3. Paul the ISI report could not have come at a better time, it will allow the new governors to take the school forward and get it back on track. The report echoes what all parents were saying and could have been collectively wrote by parents, and I am sure the school will now have no reason not to listen to parents and address what he’s to be done.

    1. Well Marsha, it has taken them some years, but can I say the Governors are still over-ridden by clerics. You will get no progress until these people in collars are haunted out. It was realised in the early eighties when they tried to divest the place of clerics but it is still the same. A modern school cannot rely or depend on clerics to improve progress. That is an 19th century way of looking at a 21st century world.

  4. It would appear that the recent ISI report has at least galvanised some action as regards the Board of Governors, with many changes to the composition being recently enacted. Good old Bede’s – always able to shut the door long after the horse is several furlongs away in the fields. Go to Bede’s School web-site and marvel at all the new names on the list of the Board of Governors.

    Who knows, there may be a danger that now that the recent recruitment of some of alien species known to Old Bedians (such as myself) as women may bring some sanity back to the Alma Mater and address its many problems.

    Time alone will tell, the clear-out of the current ruling junta will need to be executed, the new headmaster will have to come from outside the current rot and rat-infested edifice. I think even the current occupiers of higher office within the building now realise the time is up, they’ve had a good run for their money, while at the same time causing untold damage to the College, not least of all as regards the Historic Sexual abuse case.

    There definitely is a book in this long, drawn-out story. I would suspect the goings-on there (whilst being factually correct) would deem it difficult for said tome to be filed under the section marked ‘Non-fiction’, as viewing it the reader would find it nigh on impossible to believe the sheer incompetence of both College and the Catholic Church in the matter.

    How the story will end, that is yet to be written. I wouldn’t bet on a happy ending though, given previous levels of maladministration, obfuscation and downright lying which has been perpetrated in the name of both College and Church. The soon to come court case may lay some of this bare, for all to see.

    We still live in hope, albeit increasingly an ever-decreasing slim one.

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