A Diet A Day Keeps The Doctor Away- Week 3

Day 15 – Monday 9th December 2013

Well after all the shenanikans of the weekend my weight was 106.3kgs which is not too bad only a gain of 0.3kgs.  It would be lovely to get down to 105kgs by next Sunday.  I will persevere and for breakfast this morning my usual melon, apple and yoghurt.  Sardines and tomatoes for lunch and carbs for the evening meal, meat balls pasta and a tomato sauce lifted by chilli.  I think she has given up on me but I’d better say nowt.

At least hopefully there is no wine but there can be no complaints with well diluted vodka.  Well indeed there was wine and buckets of it Christmas has come early for my good lady.  So I was well fhluterred going to bed and feared the worst for the morning.

Day 16 – Tuesday 10th December 2013

Well a good nights sleep after all the carbs and alcohol and my weight at 8 was 106.2.  I lost a fraction but at least I lost.  My problem as always been that I eat everything she dishes up, never moan and complain.  Just eat and drink whatever she gives you and thank her kindly at the end.  I suppose it is that philosophy that has kept our marriage running along nicely all these years.  A melon and yoghurt breakfast, followed by an apple and sliver of edam cheese for lunch and it looks like a fish supper, but I am still trying.

Yes indeed some baked haddock for the evening meal with beetroot, beans and mushy peas and the obligatory by now bottle of wine and slug of vodka.  Bed early and a good nights sleep.

Day 17 – Wednesday 11th December 2013

Up at 6.00am, lots of e-mails, a good blog from Rusty on the Jamboree that Mandela’s funeral has turned into with the corrupt stock of the world hanging on to each other’s tails.  Are they as thick as they look, they must be or they would not be there.  At least Enda Kenny stayed away but that one from Denmark can come to my funeral any time.  Michelle Obama was not looking too pleased as Barak tried to give the Dane one a quick hug or something and what the fuck was that twat Bono doing there.  I’m sure he must be supplying them bastards.

Anyhow that’s a weight off my shoulders and my weight at 8 is 106.1kgs, I’m moving slowly downwards but it is a bit like watching paint dry.  Any how and this is exciting the ould wan is letting me cook the evening meal and I have plumped (that being the operative word) I have plumped for Paella.  Chicken and rice, prawns, squid, bits of bacon, peppers, peas, garlic, saffron, paprika, chorizo, tomatoes, in no particular order but basically it is a fridge clear out in preparation for Christmas.  It smells fantastic and I have made enough for tomorrow as well providing we do not pig out tonight.  One of the nicest things about dieting is that you can go off on the spree every now and then.

Day 18 – Thursday 12th December 2013

Well I was up early at 4.00am but had had my eight hours.  There is still two and a half hours to go before the weigh in but I suppose you can say the diet is finished, my wife could not stand the pace.  She went out yesterday and brought bread which is a definite sign.  We have not had bread for three weeks!  Still it was good while it lasted and I will definitely be back on it after Christmas.  Wife or no wife.  Look at the plusses, I lost 2.8kgs just over 6lb and since I started eating correctly I have lost about 14kgs 0r 2 stone 3lbs.  I have not disappeared but am well on the way.  The diet has still 4 days to run and I will try to keep with it but when there is only one of you doing it it becomes difficult.

Well my weight at 8 was 106.2kgs.  I’ll break that 106 barrier if it kills me, but I am going to have a spoonful of left over paella first.  Evening meal even more paella

Day 19 – Friday 13th December 2013

At 8.oo am my weight stayed the same at 106.2kgs.  Was too busy today to put anything down so I am writing this on Saturday.  Friday lunch was a ham sandwich then chicken curry for dinner

Day 20 – Saturday 14th December 2013

As you can tell by now I shovel up left overs, so this morning I had chicken curry for breakfast, that is where I might be going wrong, but at 8.00 am my weight was 106.4kgs, not to bad as diet seems to be off the cards now til after Christmas.  Last weigh in on Monday so will try until then.  Lunch will be another ham sandwich and the evening meal is breast of duck, fry off grease and then roast, gorgeous with a salad.

Day 21 – Sunday 15th December 2013

The day started very early, I could not sleep thinking of Timothy Rustige’s fight against the Scottish legal system and that bitch of an ex-Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini.  His court case was cancelled because the Judge caught the droop, Tim asked for expenses that he had paid out and the Scottish Courts service told him to piss off.  So I was up at 3.30 am this morning writing a blog about it, read the whole thing in my posting of today about Scottish bitchiness.  Make sure you read it to understand the depths Scottish justice has sunk to.  Anyway I had the whole thing written (1200 words) and typed out by 8.00 am just in time for my weigh in, I was 106.5kgs and only one more weigh in to go.  So to give my day some substance I had melon, apple and yoghurt followed at 10.00 am by two egg chorizo omelette, after all I had been up for six and half hours.  Today for our main meal there is a leg of lamb waiting in the fridge, with that we will have a few roasties and vegetables varied and a slug of vodka and my usual bottle of Malbec to celebrate the end of my diet.

Day 22 – Monday 16th December 2013

Well my weight at eight was a commendable 106.7kgs and considering what I have ate I have done well.  2.1 kgs in three weeks without really noticing anything different.  It is still 4lb 10oz it cannot be sneezed at.  When you think that in the summer I was 120kgs and have lost 13.3kgs, over 2stone.  I will start again in the new year and get down to that elusive 102kgs, I might even cut down on the alchohol.  So if there is anybody out there who has been following my nearly hopeless task, I bid you adieu and a happy Christmas and I will tell you how much I enjoyed it in January.

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