Monthly Archives: December 2013

North Of The Border Spitefulness.

The neo-nazified state of Scotland, the country who wants its independence from the suckling love of the Union of Great Britain, as it seems sunk to a new low.  I personally cannot wait until the day comes when we can cast off the dead weight of this Pictish moorland desert as long as we can station the British Army on… (more…)

A Diet A Day Keeps The Doctor Away- Week 3

Day 15 – Monday 9th December 2013 Well after all the shenanikans of the weekend my weight was 106.3kgs which is not too bad only a gain of 0.3kgs.  It would be lovely to get down to 105kgs by next Sunday.  I will persevere and for breakfast this morning my usual melon, apple and yoghurt.  Sardines and tomatoes for lunch… (more…)

My Day In Dublin At The Risen People

Well what a day I had in Dublin yesterday.  Every time I go down, although round here they say up, to Dublin, even though Dublin is south east of here, you never here of people in Manchester say go up to London but I suppose up to Dublin might have imperialist connotations.  Any way every time I go down to… (more…)

Beware Of The Men/Women In Suits Especially Lawyers And The RBS

Today after reading this piece you might think I’m full of bile and angst against the suited professions but I’m not, I’m just telling you like it is, so that every body can make up their own minds.  Its rather long but stay with it. Whilst I was in business, if that is what it was called, I always thought… (more…)