Peace And Free Energy

Before I get into the title of today’s posting I just want to tell you of the beginning of the second phase of my diet mentioned in my posting of last Saturday.

Well I am at day 2.  One of the rules of the diet is that before you start or restart you should spend two days pigging out.  So this weekend whatever there was to drink, wine, gin, vodka, water?, I drank and whatever there was to eat I ate it all, so that I went to bed on Sunday night replete both with intake and pleasure at also composing two rather long postings on my blog, one controversial which attracted some comment and one thoughtful hoping it would make a lot of you who don’t, think.

The thoughtful one was to do with how the pharmaceutical industry, how Big Pharma as I called it, is taking over our lives and by our unthinking intake of unnatural chemicals, dumbing us down and at the worst slowly killing us.  This programme designed by the Elite is led by their acolytes, the medical profession, people who should know differently as there oath is to save and not destroy mankind.  Unfortunately most of the medical profession are sheeple following the person in front, being taught at Elite owned medical schools and subsidised by Elite owned Big Pharma.

I keep wandering off, I’m sorry, back to diet.  One of the other points mentioned when reading of the diet is that you must weigh yourself every day at the same time.  I normally do it after I have brought my darling wife of over 40 years, her morning cup of chai.  It is a ritual I have each morning, as I sit on the edge of the bed and relate to her what has happened in the outside world overnight, not as reported by the MSM but as relayed to me by the alternative media.  Last night of course was the opening night of The Voice Of The People/tv.  The television channel we have all been waiting for and it started off in fine controversial voice describing the unholy antics of Gideon Osborne, our lovely Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the things he got up to in the 1990s with whores galore and cocaine by the spoonful.  They not only recalled his transgressions, they brought on the lady who provided them.  A beautiful black lady, now reformed, who had performed all manner of dominatrix favours on old George, who was truly grateful for the service and used to follow her around on all fours, a little doggie with power over our spending.  Its a bloody pity he did not then have the power over his own spends.  To prove all this she had photographs and she said that she had put the description of these up on E Bay and within minutes had offers of £50,000 on them until E Bay took the item down saying it was not suitable.  Any way it was a great early evening broadcast and one to savour the fruits of this new channel.

Again I have wandered off the track, so back to the diet, up with the tea and into the bathroom, where I divested myself of all textile material and onto the scales in my glorious buff.  The reading I then record in my little book and compare to the previous day.  I started yesterday after my weekend’s pigging out at 108.8kgs, this morning it was 108.5 and whilst writing this I have decided to write this daily report into a dedicated blog posting which I will add to on a daily basis for those interested because really it is an avenue into a new way of life.  Those of you lithe enough to withstand life’s barrages without gaining an ounce can skip this part of my blog and get on with polishing your metabolism and not get bored.  So I will add to this slowly developing posting on a daily basis and see where it gets me in three weeks time.

This weighing and recording regime every morning is most important as it gives you discipline and, I have to say, empowerment.  You need to do it after dieting as much as while you are on it.  You will then feel in total control and it only takes seconds if you prepare yourself.  When you are off the diet, your metabolism has re-stabilised itself to the new you and you can eat what you want within reason, you have taught yourself a new way of eating.  However if you do fall foul of the attractions of the flesh, your daily record makes you aware fairly quickly and you can fine tune your ingestion immediately.  So for example, I, whilst off the diet since last September, ate what I wanted and never varied weight except by a few tenths of a kilo, but if I left the house for a few days on the tear, whether it be in Sligo or Manchester enjoying 21st century high life, things do get a little awry but the situation was well under control by the time I had settled in at the ranch once more.  That is what I mean by empowerment, I am in control most of the time and that gives great satisfaction.  I am in charge, I am in control of my body but unfortunately my body needed lots of control but now as I say its just fine tuning.

Away now from all that hokum, I have just been listening to a chap called Dr M T Keshe, an Iranian nuclear physicist, who heads the Keshe Foundation in Belgium.  He, all his adult life after being educated in Manchester and London has queried the modern use and archaic thinking on  nuclear energy and its production.  He considered it was not working and he has devoted his life to finding the right solution and now he has.  He considers it is all to do with gravity and magnetic fields, which I do not pretend to understand but what he says is that modern Iranian scientists including himself are now the world leaders in modern nuclear thinking and have perfected a system which as made the Western world consider Iran to be “the axis of evil”.  The western powers are jealous and unhappy, anti-Iran propaganda is on a high pitch and the Iranians are laughing up their sleeves.

There has been a treaty on the table for nearly a year now, proposed by the Iranians.  The Iranians are saying they will share their technology but Western powers, back off!  This technology was shown when last December Iran overpowered the capabilities of two US drones and brought them down to earth in one piece.  The Powers were amazed they could not believe it but in a small way Iran proved that modern armaments and systems were obsolete and that known military strength was useless.  The powers want a piece of the action and all summer they have been working their way through the treaty, they obviously do not want to lose face and Iran, so many years on the outside wants to be at peace with the world, have all embargoes lifted and get on with the new improved life this technology will bring.  So peace is on the agenda, peace is what the Iranians are selling.  Free energy is at the core and is potentially world changing.

The energy companies owned by the Elite are cringing but it all should eventually lead to a better life and the life of the Elite should be eroded to such a degree that they will eventually lose their powers.  The bulldog of the Elite is very angry, old Benjamin Netanyahu is livid, he wants to invade Iran as soon as possible but he is about 10 years back up his own arsehole, if he invades Iran with the hardware he has, the Israelis would be on the lunch time menu.

So the treaty signed in such a blaze of glory at the weekend is not what you thought it was but probably even better, the world could be putting herself to rights.  We just have to settle the zionists down.  I am sorry for going round the houses with this posting but I eventually got to where I wanted to.  A careful watch will be kept on this situation and keep a look out for Dr M T Keshe.


5 thoughts on “Peace And Free Energy

  1. Keshe is a story teller. He is neither a Dr. nor a physicist. His university (Queen Mary College in London) confirmed that he has only a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering. He has never published a single article in any recognized scientific publication. No physicist — apart from an extremely tiny number of outsiders — takes him serious. There is to this day — since Keshe started his career as technology guru in 2005 — not a single working piece of “Keshe technology” (that can’t be easily explained based on conventional science, like his “coke bottle reactors”). He’s telling story after story after story, making more and wilder claims all the time … but never delivers. He recently announced the 8th delay of his infamous “3-4 kW generators”. Many more facts about Keshe here:

    Beyond that, read what Shahriar Mazandi, who conducted the well known Keshe interview mentioned above (often falsely called a “lecture” — only the room was rented from the university) at Imperial College in London in January, thinks about Keshe now:

    Please read also the later postings in this thread about the psychological aspect (Keshe declaring himself a prophet, claiming to be omniscient, claiming that his personal job is “the unification of all the races in the universe”, etc.) and the detailed history of the delays of his “3-4 kW generators”

  2. Last evening I received a comment on this posting from a person calling themselves QuestionEverything, he/she was most scathing about M T Keshe questioning everything to do with him and he directed me to two sites, both sites happened to be forum sites, open to anybody with an agenda with not a drop of counter evidence. I have decided Mr/Ms QuestionEverything is a shill and have therefore consigned him/her to trash.
    Anybody of importance who latches on to my words on the internet in the space of 24 hours from publication is doing for some ulterior purpose.

  3. Well, you’re not the first one who decided to censor my comment. Another amusing example is this guy here, so terribly afraid that anyone could click or copy the link to the revealing material about Keshe, that he published it as a picture, along with some derogatory comments, as in your case: . In the grand scheme of things, of course, this doesn’t matter. The vast majority of websites do publish critical comments about Keshe, and most change their mind about him after reading the overwhelming evidence against him. Designating this evidence as “not a drop of counter evidence” means that you either didn’t read it, or are too fanatical about the issue to actually deal with it (I assume in your favor that you didn’t lie intentionally “in support of the cause”). You are utterly mistaken who the good guys and who the bad guys are in this game. The day will come when even you will not be able to deny anymore that Keshe’s fairy tales never had any substance to begin with. We’ll see if you’re man enough to apologize when this day has come.

    1. It will be the next thing to empower the human race if the Elite can get pushed off the control button and carbon fuel sent to the trash bin.

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