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A Diet A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – Week 1

This posting will be added to on a daily basis until about the 15th December whether I win or lose. Well here is my blog posting about the second phase of my diet which I first started in July of this year to look trim or as near trim as my grossness would allow for my daughters wedding at the… (more…)

Peace And Free Energy

Before I get into the title of today’s posting I just want to tell you of the beginning of the second phase of my diet mentioned in my posting of last Saturday. Well I am at day 2.  One of the rules of the diet is that before you start or restart you should spend two days pigging out.  So… (more…)

To Be Or Not To Be? That Is The Question. Holocaust Or Holohoax?

We all know some pretty awful things happened in WW2 on both sides incidentally.  We come off best because we, the Allies, were the winners.  The poor old Nazis, as horrid as they undoubtedly were, have come in for some awful criticism, some of which I am not sure was totally justified, but came as a result of a pogrom… (more…)

One Small Step For Man, One Great Leap For Mankind.

A few months ago I lost 13kgs in weight very quickly, all in the short time of about six weeks on a diet that is so easy to manage and even better maintain.  I went from 120kgs to 107kgs but am now at 108kgs and that is because I went full blast on enjoyment for three days, about a week… (more…)