Monthly Archives: October 2013

Building 7 – World Trade Centre At 9/11

Conspiracy theories abound about the supposed Al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Centre in New York on 11th September 2001. Everybody in the world has got his own theory, or at least those that have bothered to collate the facts and put their thoughts together, which admittedly is only a few perceptive souls.  Most people tend to let this… (more…)

Angiolini is a Prick

Well here is a good one, last week Chris Spivey, the indomitable blogger from Essex, or down that way, put up an article about that arsehole Angiolini, the one time Lord Advocate of Scotland and now the principal of St Hugh’s College in Oxford, the bitch who thinks it is bad for people to complain about her illegal activities whilst… (more…)

Private Egerton Arthur Emerson of the Connaught Rangers – Teb

One day in May this year I met a woman in King House here in Boyle who asked me the question as to how a man from Drogheda came to be fighting with the Connaught Rangers, we talked some more and this is the story that came out of that meeting.  I wrote the story for the New Ranger magazine… (more…)

Bede’s Beleagured By A Brainy Brat’s Backlash

We are now a month into a new Christmas term at St Bede’s College in leafy Whalley Range in Manchester and already there are signs of the School fraying at the edges.  News as hit the editor’s desk from a range of sources about the managerial mayhem that is being conducted behind almost closed doors, with the florid Quinlan trying… (more…)