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Timothy Hopkins And All That.

I was alerted to Father Timothy Hopkins having all charges dropped by the Criminal Prosecution Service regarding his alleged sexual assault on a young girl at a previous parish.  At the time of the police investigation he was parish priest at St Mary’s in Denton and also on the Board of Governors of St Bede’s College in Manchester.  Well that… (more…)

My Awakening.

For 63 years I was a dumb fucker, I believed in everything I had been taught, in everything I had read in the newspapers and everything I had listened to on television and everything and anything a priest told me, he of the ultimate authority. Then in November 2009 came the Murphy Report  confirming the transgressions of generations of priests… (more…)

Why Use Animals When You Can Experiment On Africans?

Well after exposing the sham of 21st century living with my thoughts on the tragic hoax of 9/11, which attracted much comment and further facts on the fact that it was not Johnny Muslim who laid waste to the centre of New York back in 2001 but probably G W Bush and his cronies in Central Powers, who enticed the… (more…)

Poor Dumb Fuckers

As regular readers will know, I do not have a television set and I do not watch television in the pub or anywhere else these infernal machines are situated.  Why because it’s full of crap and lies.  You do not mind the crap but I detest paying for it in licence fees and electricity bills and it is a highly… (more…)