Monthly Archives: September 2013

St Bede’s College, Manchester And Its A Level Results

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a former pupil of St Bede’s which deserves publishing.  Paul Taylor was in the 1964 intake, leaving in 1971.  He had the unique experience of serving under three Rectors, the Infamous Monsignor Thomas Duggan, The doubtful and secretive Monsignor Geoffrey Burke and the genial and precise Monsignor Eric Riley.  Paul is a regular commentator… (more…)

The Wedding of Louise and Boz and Other Events

Well I have just arrived back in Ireland after a hectic week full of celebratory meals and too much alcohol, as we enjoyed the high spot, the wedding of my third daughter, Louise. The trip commenced with a visit to see my old chum, Howard Skelton at Southport Cricket Club.  Avid readers will remember Howard from the starring role he… (more…)

Wilful Blindness

Margaret Heffernan is a strong woman, with her fingers in a lot of pies, gifted, with an unbelievable ease in public speaking and a god given gift for getting her message across, a true teacher.  Her latest book Wilful Blindness published in 2011 explains in great detail why 85% of people who witness a wrong doing do not or are… (more…)