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Laicisation Or Licensed Freedom, That Is The Question For The Salford Diocese.

 I refer the reader back to my posting of May 21st this year entitled Does Charity Begin At Home where I discussed the merits of the Catholic charity, Caritas, and its total naivety in allowing the recently released clerical paedophile, William Green, to live so close to his old happy hunting ground of St Bede’s College on Alexandra Road in… (more…)

He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune.

I was going to let the onslaught on the piss poor management at St Bede’s College in Manchester have a rest for the summer and let old DK and Florid have some breathing space to think up some more hare-brained schemes to make us despair even further during the forthcoming Christmas Term starting in September but Sean Carr’s comment today… (more…)

The Sun Always Shines…

It is 11 days since my last posting, 11 days of mind searching, trying to think of another subject for posting on my blog.  It becomes demoralising sitting here at my desk at 4.30am trying to summon up a subject and find there is nothing.  I had overdosed on Bede’s and its mismanagement and wanted to give Messrs Quinlan and… (more…)