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Volunteering For Pleasure.

The two main thing you have in spades in retirement is dwindling money resources and plenty of time.  Dwindling money resources, what with bankers, government and markets all joining up to rob you of all your hard earned that you had put by for a rainy day and plenty of time in which to enable yourself to catch up with… (more…)

Comment From A Bedian Parent.

Today I received a comment from a concerned parent, Marsha Jones.  I thought it and my answer were too important to leave in an addendum to a posting I wrote nearly two months ago entitled St. Bede’s: Situation Desperate, The Natives Are Fighting Back, which has garnered 50 odd comments and which subjected myself to a torrent of uneducated abuse… (more…)

Comment From An Old Bedian

Today I received a comment from an Old Bedian, Paul Taylor from North Manchester.  Paul is not as old and wizened as I but he was at the College, his years there straddled the Duggan and Riley eras.  His experiences of the two cultures are in a way unique.  We have never met but he has been a major commentator… (more…)

St Bede’s: The Liars, The Priests, The Sufferers.

Can I refer the reader to Sean Carr’s comments in my posting of 9th June Cameron, St Bede’s, O’Sullivan And Much, Much More.  Sean in his first comment quoted verbatim the note issued to all parents at St Bede’s and dated 10th June 2011 which I included in my posting of 19th July 2011 The Ejection Of Mr Barber. Sean… (more…)