Does Charity Begin At Home?

Well certainly it does but there are circumstances where it definitely shouldn’t and the tale I am about to tell is one of these circumstances.

“Caritas Internationalis is a confederation of 164 Roman Catholic relief, development and social service organizations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.  Collectively and individually their mission is to work to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed”.

That is the Caritas definition according to Wikipedia and a truly inspiring mission statement if ever there was one.  A well run charitable organization with a wonderful management system in place caring for Catholics and all “poor and oppressed” christians and not so christian people worldwide.  I know St Bede’s College in Manchester used to pride itself on the help and the very generous donations, garnered by the pupils, it gave to this wonderful charity every year.

But what happens when an organization offering such altruism suffers from arrythmia, when its backside does not know what its mouth had for breakfast.  Take the case of a venerable old Bedian alumnus, down on his luck, nowhere to go, after serving four and a half years of a prison sentence.  What would you do?  And the only honest christian answer would be to open your arms, invite him into the fold, let his fall from grace be as gentle as possible.  That person needs all the help he can get to smooth his passage into this now horrible big wide world in which we all live.

That was the mouth speaking but this is what the backside says.  Well this poor old alumnus needs help definitely but he is a paedophile, it is not easy for paedophiles to re-enter the big wide world but what we will do, to make it easy on him, we will put him up at our cosy little house which is just down the road from the site of his many foul misdeeds.  That will make him more comfortable knowing how close he is to home, so close to so many, lovely for him, memories.  So that is what good old Caritas did, they put our vulnerable old alumnus into a house only a stone’s throw from his old House of Horrors (for pupils not him).

Our man, our alumnus, the poor man trying his best is none other than William Green, once teacher of religion at St Bede’s College but now and unfortunately for ever a convicted paedophile after running amok at St Bede’s for nearly 20 years.  A convicted paedophile, newly released from his six year prison sentence leveled on him in October 2008 after serving just over four and a half years.

Here is the yet unpublished comment I received on my blog yesterday.  The posting on which it was lodged I wrote last September and was quaintly named The Honesty Of The Catholic Church????????.  I have kept the name of the writer anonymous for obvious reasons but I know him.

“Until April I was living in a house in Moss Side that is managed by Caritas.  Myself and another resident found out that a third resident was William Green.  The Catholic Church had rehoused him in a property less than one mile from St Bede’s.

When we confronted the manager about this, we were eventually forced out of the property.  I have been told that this would be investigated by the safeguarding commission on the 16th May.  After what I have read (on your Blog) I have little confidence in their own enquiry”

Bedian parents please note you have a paedophile in your children’s midst once again, of course there might be hundreds of paedophiles scattered about Moss Side and Whalley Range but none with such an ignominious and local history as Green’s.  The man is now 72 years old but old paedophiles like old cowboys always die with their boots on.  They cannot be cured of their itch and the Church have known this to be fact for over 50 years.

The above, unpublished as yet, comment leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth.  For a start why put a convicted paedophile back in his old happy hunting grounds and why , oh why, persecute upright people for asking honest questions.  Why were these men excluded from their accommodation?  Did they not need Caritas as much as Green?  And is the commentator not right in suspecting the Safeguarding Commission of the Salford Diocese or any other diocese for that matter?  My own experience of these people, led in Salford by the very able but shifty lawyer Michael Devlin, showed them to be an obfuscating, duplicitous, uncaring bunch of skunks as you would ever likely meet.  I do hope that the LADO lady from Rochdale, who became its Coordinator 18 months ago is making a better fist of it than her predecessor, Fr Barry O’Sullivan, who was consigned to Strangeways Prison after frigging up the whole ethos of the Commission for more than ten years but I doubt it.  This case in point is a good example of same old, same old!!

It is early days in this particular circumstance and there is still a lot to learn but I would ask every good Catholic and especially every parent with a pupil at the College to start asking big questions of Mr Daniel Kearney and his florid room mate Monsignor Michael Quinlan and the Bishop of Salford, Terence Brain.  I know their answer, “well we did not know, we are not Caritas”.  Well our answer to them is “well you should have, Paul Malpas bloody well knew and neither is he”.  I apologise for my tone this morning but I am so bloody angry.  If ever there was a red flag to a bull situation, this is it.

18 thoughts on “Does Charity Begin At Home?

  1. Paul, have you raised your issue to the appropriate authorities? If your concerns are genuine,and you have this information, at very least the school should be informed.Even if they have been already,surely belt and braces is the way forward in these matters.

    I am also still confused as to why you try to link previous crimes to the present regime.that does not necessarily mean that I disagree with your thoughts on the ineptitude of the majority of the current senior management at the College. However I do feel Old Bedians should be supporting the College and not bad mouthing it on the internet to a very small audience.

    Being an old boy and after having such good memories of my time at Bede’s and still having many friends from my time at Bede’s, I do find it genuinely upsetting that you are trying (albeit not very hard) to tarnish the name of the College. I do think a change in management is required-for a start they could employ people in positions of power that actually give a monkeys-but you go about it the wrong way.

    1. Zed, I have a register of every kid who went to the school and I cannot find Zed amongst them. I am sure what I wrote is true, let the authorities, as you call them, sort the problem out. They read this blog everyday.
      I cannot support an establishment with a terrible past and a very weak future. There needs to be a revolution of thought and policy for the place to succeed. Unfortunately the Diocese rulers are not able to think and are totally puzzled by new policy.

  2. Criminals (especially violent or sexual criminals) are only released when they are considered not to be a danger to society. This means, that unless future issues occur, Mr Green has paid his debt to society and is now innocent until proven guilty once more. Post-prison reconciliation is extremely difficult for all concerned, but it is important to remember that whatever these people have done in the past, they are still human beings and as such deserve our pity and our charity.

    1. Benedict,
      Obviously you have not read anything about paedophilia as a crime or a condition. It cannot be cured or rendered innocuous unless by surgical intervention. I suggest, because you seem to be a scholarly chap, you read these two books:-
      1. Sex, Priests and Secret Codes by Thomas Doyle, Richard Sipe and Patrick Wall. Tom is a Dominican priest and Richard and Patrick were Benedictine monks. They have been fighting clerical paedophilia in America for 30 years. What they do not know about the subject is not worth Knowing. They are world famous experts on the subject.
      2. In God’s House by Ray Mouton. This book is in novel form but explains the Church’s thinking on the problem. Everything in it actually happened. Ray was appointed defence lawyer for Fr Gauthe, the first priest to be brought to court in America in the mid 80s. So disgusted was Ray by what he found he joined forces with Tom Doyle and Michael Peterson, a priest/psychiatrist to write “The Manual” which tried to show the Church how to attack this problem. They threw it out to their massive financial detriment.

      No man or authority in their right minds would dream of putting a paedophile back within spitting distance of his previous temptation. That is not charity or pity but downright idiocy. So get off your high horse for one minute and think before you comment.

  3. I like the words ‘until proven guilty once more’. That’s really put my mind at rest, I’ll sleep easy tonight, knowing that.

    I’m glad I live the other side of town. Also,what about, if proved correct, the Christian act in booting out the other resident when questioning Billy Green’s residence so near to the scene of his previous admitted crimes?

    That’s OK, is it? Thought not, but then you didn’t even mention that in your posting. Selective charity, yes. What about your pity for the ex-resident, also Billy’s many victims? No mention of them either.

    Two sides to a story, but still, questions need to be asked. Roll back the carpet, there’s still crap being swept underneath it.

  4. I’m somewhat torn on this. Not every prisoner is released only when no longer considered to be a risk, by statute they are released when a set portion of the custodial sentence is completed. Green will be on licence and subject to supervision by the Probation Service who should have drawn up a release plan part of which would have considered accommodation issues. I find it difficult. to understand why he was not placed in a Probation Hostel where most sex offenders are sent post release,at least there he would be subject to closer scrutiny than in another non-statutory hostel. On the other hand I presume Green ‘s victims victims have long since left the college and so the chances of him meeting them are not very high. Additionally his licence conditions are likely to include no contact with victims and hopefully no unsupervised contact with children under 16. If he breaches any condition he can be returned to prison to serve all or part of the remaining custodial part of the sentence.

    1. Mike,
      Good morning. My wife tells me that the probation service in England is being or is now privatised, if that is the case the same care and attention is now possibly not being applied as when you were in the Service. The Caritas hostel is probably some halfway house and hopefully if the Safeguarding Commission are as good as their word perhaps something might now have been done but I have never known the Safeguarding Commission to be good for anything. Green has asked to be laicised, a few years ago but the Church seems to want to hang on to these decrepits but not I fear out of altruism.

  5. The state needs to decide whether it wants to treat paedophilia as a medical condition or a crime (the latter usually meaning that one has a choice not to commit it). If, as you say, there is no ‘cure’ for paedaphilia (counselling etc), then it must surely be treated as a medical condition. If it is a medical condition, then someone can be sectioned until they are no longer a danger to society (up to and including their entire lives – see the McNaughten rules on insanity). If the state wants to treat it is as a crime, then they admit that there must have been a choice as to their sexuality and whether to act on it. To borrow your phrase, no man or authority in their right minds would dream of considering a paedophile not to be mentally ill.

    However, I will certainly have a look at those books you mentioned.

    1. Benedict, thanks for the input. We seem to be on an even keel at last. I think the state has already made its mind up that paedophilia in all its forms is a crime. They do not consider any sexual urge to be incurable because it can be controlled by drastic medical action. This crime goes against all natural law, just as any rape does and the only action is either medical intervention or sectioning.
      Here is the dilemma for the state because that would mean interning 20% of the population it seems. The police only play with the problem because of this fact.
      Do read the books, I know all four men and they are the most sincere honest men I know, horrified at the problem they face and the lethargy of the Church in coming to terms with it.

    1. Benedict,
      That 20% is possibly a slight exaggeration. From my mathematics done after the Murphy report in Ireland in 2009 with figures taken from that report I worked out that 25% of priests are paedophiles. The latest book on the subject that is taking America by storm is Mortal Sins-Sex, Crime and the Era of Catholic Scandal by Michael D’Antonio again considers that one priest in four is a paedophile but the priesthood along with certain other professions attract paedophiles.

  6. Paul, I thought you might have worked it out but for the avoidance of doubt, Zed is not my real name.I hope you got the list of names via an appropriate DPA request or else your possession of it is illegal.big oops on your part! When I refer to ‘authorities’ I don’t mean the school or diocese,I mean the police or child protection people. If you have the info and do nothing and anything else happens I would say you are equally to blame.

  7. The fellow has to live somewhere. I don’t think that you are helping anyone by wading into this issue Paul.

    1. As you say Linda, he has to live somewhere but surely not a few hundred yards from the scene of his crimes. We do not need our noses rubbing in it like you would a dog.

  8. Paul, I must agree with ‘Zed’, if you have somehow come into illegal possession of the school admission register, then you are holding and processing confidential personal data on each of us… without our permission and that is illegal under the Data Protection Act, and for somebody who is always going on about the law and peoples rights, you are seriously breaching them.

    I personally don’t want you able to view my school record and most other people won’t as well… or maybe under in your opinion, we aren’t entitled to our rights???

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