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Our Play For The Gathering

Two years ago in the Little Theatre in Athlone I had the privilege of watching a debut performance of a play written by Neil Richardson and directed by Caroline Barry called From The Shannon To The Somme. A true story about an Athlone man, Sgt Michael Curley, a soldier before and during World War 1.  Michael had done his seven… (more…)

Angiolini But No Angel.

I have been hacked once again, this is the third time.  Some idiot(s) has (have) tried to do this but this time it does not have the sweet smell of incense about it, this time it has all the hallmarks of a Jock.  That faint leathery, sweaty, ammoniacal odour that comes from the crotch of a Jockess on heat. My… (more…)

Tim Rustige and Robert Green Victims of Scottish Injustice.

I cannot get the injustice being performed on Tim Rustige and Robert Green by the Scottish legal system out of my head.  Tim, of course, is the Altrincham man being hauled over the Scottish legal coals for telling that scrawny arsed bitch and Betty Boop look-alike, Elish Angiolini, one time legal head honcho in Scotland, that her past history of… (more…)

Tim Rustige And His Bid For Freedom From The Scottish Gestapo.

Continuing my theme on Tim Rustige and his blog Rusty’s Skewed News Views and my previous postings of Tim Rustige – Prisoner of Conscience or Martyr Against Paedophilia posted on 26th March 2013 and The Rustige Family and the Disgraceful Grampian Policeon 12th April 2013, a letter written by Tim to his constituency MP, Graham Brady, member for Altrincham and Sale,… (more…)