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St Bede’s – The End Of The Creek Is In Sight, The Tub Is Floating.

I have just had a long and very frightening e-mail from someone in the know at St Bede’s College in Manchester explaining the present atmosphere and Daniel Kearney’s erratic behaviour.  It seems that things, instead of improving from the all time low of last year when Kearney’s qualities as head were exposed like nothing else, they are now reaching lower… (more…)

Tim Rustige – Prisoner Of Conscience Or Martyr Against Paedophilia.

Let me tell you a story, a true story, that you would not believe could happen in this decent fair playing, cricket loving British Isles that we live in.  But the truth is, the establishment, those movers and shakers that are turning these islands into a totalitarian mish mash, are running scared.  For years having had their lusts fed with… (more…)

The Music Teacher – A One Woman Play In 4 Parts – Part 4

PART 4 Well for the following couple of days, the beginning of last week actually, I wondered round in a daze, teaching by remote control.  I don’t remember half the things we covered but I suppose my notes will tell me and I had lost touch with any kind of progress in the tutorials.  I knew there was something fundamentally… (more…)

The Music Teacher – A One Woman Play In 4 Parts – Part 3

THE MUSIC TEACHER – PART 3 At the end of the lesson, he stood up and said “thank you, Miss” and left and do you know, except for glimpses of him in the playground and on the corridor that was the last I saw of him.  He did not turn up for anymore lessons, I reported it to Mr Frost… (more…)