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Dave’s Funeral Mass

Before I start this posting I would just like to thank all of you for posting your comments and sending me e-mails about Dave McGarry, your recollections and your thoughts.  They came from Australia, America, all over Europe, including England and Ireland and it just shows how well the man was thought of by all and sundry, by the great… (more…)

Fr Dave McGarry RIP

Fr Dave McGarry is dead.  How I hate writing those words but it was coming up and I was steeling myself for the final news.  I was on the platform of Connolly Station in Dublin, having caught the Saturday morning early train, when my wife, Helen, rang to tell me Dave had died on Friday, 14th December 2012.  I am… (more…)

What Was It That Made Me A Catholic?

Well it was nothing really, just the fact of being born of my mother and encouraged by my father.  My mother was Catholicism personified, of North Manchester Irish stock, she came from Corpus Christi parish, off Oldham Road.  Prior to the 1914-18 war every other house in that district was Irish and Catholic.  My father was a Protestant farmer’s son… (more…)

The Tip Of The Iceberg

As I write, the St Ambrose College in Altrincham’s abuse allegations are multipling as fast as Jimmy Savile’s did a few weeks ago.  The allegations began a couple of weeks ago against a former teacher at the school, a 63 year old Christian Brother, by an ex-pupil.  Greater Manchester police arrested him and bailed him to appear in court on… (more…)