Monthly Archives: November 2012

At Last St William’s School Judgement.

There was a very interesting judgement yesterday in the Supreme Court that coaxed the law on Vicarious Liability along its merry way.  This law one of the learned judges said “was on the move” and has been tested on a few occasions recently and on one most important occasion during the life of this appeal.  Vicarious liability being the responsibility… (more…)

Alice McAlpine, A Roguish Man.

My lovely wife of nearly forty years summed it up fairly well yesterday evening when, after listening to the idiot ambulance chasing solicitor, Andrew Reid on News At One on BBC Radio 4, said “I think the world has gone friggin’ mad”.  Now Helen, as that is who it is who has shared my life these past few decades, does… (more…)

Peter Dunne – Connaught Ranger

This is a story of soldiering in the 19th century, when England ruled nearly half the world with a standing army of approximately 100,000 men.  It was a life; full of action and bravery some of the time, but mostly a life of humdrum boredom, basically a lowly labourer’s life in uniform. In Ireland in the 19th century the best… (more…)

The Fightback and its Heroes: Doyle, Sipe and Wall.

I have just taken a peek at Richard Sipe’s blog on the sartorially excellent, once Lord High Bishop of St Louis, Raymond Burke, who has now just been made up to a cardinal.  Dick always did look good but only as good as most in that divine brotherhood and Richard after talking to his friends has nominated Ray as haute… (more…)