Monthly Archives: October 2012

Venerable Vinnie Always Gets It Wrong.

Over the weekend a very great friend of mine e-mailed me from France to say how offended he was that our great and beloved scouser and leader of all things Catholic in England and Wales, Vincent Gerard Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, had taken it on himself without consultation with his scattered and ever decreasing flock, to canvas the great Benny… (more…)

Duggan’s Denouement.

What a happy day this is, our lawyers who have been beavering away under this legal cloak of omerta have decided to come clean and chuck their cap in the ring.  Hurrah for Anderson Olivarius, our champions.  The very names should strike fear in the hearts of our enemy, who having admitted to their faults 18 months ago and apologised,… (more…)

Savile Is Dead. Who Takes The Reins?

These last few weeks I have been wondering about Savile and his works and pomps and trying to make sense of how an uneducated lad from Leeds can get into the minds of powerful folk.  It is a massive criminal gift but I think it can easily be done if you look for the tell-tale signs given out by these… (more…)

Corfu Part 6

We hear that Greece runs out of money on Tuesday but Angela Merkel is coming to sort it all out.  Isn’t she kind.  All the nice people we have met these past few weeks will be saved but to these local people, it would not matter if Greece ran out of money three times over, these lovely people would live… (more…)