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Bad Teeth Or Cancer, Bone Disease And Brain Damage. That Is The Question?

I have just bade farewell to the majority of my grandchildren, five kids under seven years old born to one daughter and her terrier of a husband.  The kids have exhausted and delighted me, the husband or should I say son-in-law, has angered, annoyed and embarrassed me at every turn.  It is never over anything simple and it is never… (more…)

Monsignor William Lynn And The Chaos That Is Philadelphia Archdiocese.

It is with some satisfaction that I note the learned judge, Teresa Sarmina, has denied a defence motion made by the legal team of Monsignor William Lynn to allow him out on bail pending his appeal on the charge of child endangerment for which he was found guilty in June and sentenced to three to six years in the state… (more…)

Clerical Emotional Immaturity

Helen brought up the question first and it started making me think.  “Why is it that the Church hierarchy all over the world say exactly the same thing and act in exactly the same way whenever there are allegations made against their priests?” Well I have pointed out previously that all victims of abuse speak with exactly the same vocabulary… (more…)