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How Not To Sew Seed: An Allegory.

Tommy O’Duggan was an agrarian expert, a Lancashire farmer imbued with the generic gifts his forefathers had bequeathed when they left the broad green fields of their native Tipperary to seek a life in distant lands after their agricultural skills had deserted them following some bad harvests long ago.¬† Lancashire was where they pitched up and in those dark satanics… (more…)

St. Robert’s Relived Whilst Languishing In Longsight.

With all the comments I have received lately about a piece I penned over two years ago, I thought I would continue on the same theme and write of more thoughts I have about life in Longsight and especially life attached to St. Robert’s parish and school and try to invigorate our selective ¬†memories. I was born in February 1946… (more…)