Monthly Archives: February 2012

I Am Not Yet The Dog’s Bollocks.

My parable today concerns the world’s three great religions.  The veiled faith of Islam, nurtured in the hills of the Hindu Kush, the all embracing but not fully believed English catholicism and the modern arm’s length view of its Irish cousin and the hot sweating enthusiasm of the Reformed Free Swingers sect of the Dutch Secular Church. In the early morning of… (more…)

A Civil Servant In Ireland Is No Longer Civil Or A Servant.

My darling wife of almost 40 years and myself have been enjoying full time life in Ireland, this land we considered our spiritual home, for the last seven years and before that part time for yonks, going back into the 1960s.  In all that time nothing really has changed, some people got a little uppity when money was flowing like the… (more…)

Robert Green, A Martyr For Decency And Honour

I have just found out that this morning in Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court, Robert Green, that fine advocate for all that is left of goodness in these British Isles, has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for the crime of breach of the peace for which he was convicted last month in the same house of madness that is the Scottish… (more…)

Are The Chickens Coming Home To Roost?

Anne Harris, the Editor of the Irish Sunday Independent calls them the “coping class” and the Irish Times calls them “the squeezed middle”.  They are the ordinary working people of the country who go to work, pay their taxes and vastly increased taxes they are, after the bankers, developers and successive governments have flagrantly ruined the financial basis of our… (more…)