Monthly Archives: January 2012

Lovely Longsight

Having been inundated with requests for more stories of Longsight in the 1950s, my tales of life in St Robert’s parish have had more comments than others, I have racked my addled brain to think of the idiosyncracies of the place.  I thought I would dwell for a while on the people who lived around me as a youngster and… (more…)

Two Men From Tirreril

I live in a really beautiful part of Ireland, in Boyle in north County Roscommon.  Our house is so close to the Boyle River that from a distance it looks as though the river runs through our front room and in fact it often tries to do.  Down the river a few hundred yards, the waters spill out into historic… (more…)

The Walnut Piano

In June 1996 the IRA did most people in Manchester a bit of a favour.  They detonated a bomb, the biggest in peace time history, on Corporation Street, near to the junction with Market Street.  The bomb caused that much damage, it advanced the development of Manchester city centre by about 30 years, leaving us with a city centre today that… (more…)

Why Change Your Name?

As a follow up to yesterday’s blog posting, I want to pursue this idea of changing your first name halfway through your life.  By pursuing this thought it might help me to understand and start to like people I have no particular regard for and it might also help me to understand myself a little better and help me to… (more…)