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Indeed We Are Daft

Some of the latest rubbish coming out of the Catholic Church in Ireland this week was first of all from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, a man I have some time for and a man I exhorted to resign over a year ago at the antics of his fellow bishops.  He was telling all the “stay at home” Catholics to stay at… (more…)

Holy Mother

What are the qualities of a good priest?  Humility, generosity, intelligence, commitment, goodness, patience, responsibility, stability, openness, motivation, simplicity; in other words the qualities needed in an all round decent person.  What you do not want is pride, meanness, instability, irresponsibility, deviousness, irritability, ignorance, neglectfulness and all the other faults a lot of people have. One’s gender should not come… (more…)

Fr Barry O’Sullivan, Requiescat in Pace.

Today, 8th December 2011,  some very bad news has been given to me through the offices of the Salford Diocese and it is really very bad news for the past, present and future priests of the Diocese.  Fr Barry O’Sullivan, the Safeguarding Coordinator, is moving on.  The man, more than any other human being in this area, responsible for keeping… (more…)

St Bede’s, Manchester – A School Going in the Wrong Direction

Something tells me that the new regime at St Bede’s College, the Kearney/Pike putsch, which wrestled control from its erstwhile and commendable head, Mr Michael Barber, in June 2011 after months of infighting, is running scared.   Recent well reported incidents show that the imbecilic behaviour of the new commandant, Mr Daniel Kearney in pulling down the portcullis and lifting… (more…)