Monthly Archives: October 2011

Who Is Watching The Watchers?

Today I am returning to an old chestnut, the Safeguarding Commissions of the Catholic Church in England and Wales presided over by that magnificent icon of Catholic morals in public life, Baroness Scotland.  I have in the past praised this woman enough for her reported dirty deeds and there is no need to propogate her image any farther than you… (more…)

The Irish Election Of P-residents

Tomorrow, October 27th 2011 sees the end of the political circus that is the Irish Presidential Election.  This political sideshow as been running officially now for two months, although some of the characters have been squaring up for over a year and it has been taking our hearts and minds off the job in hand, which is digging our way… (more…)

Les Disparus

As can be seen from the title of this piece, I have been away, out foreign and I have been picking up the lingo all over the place.  I have returned to a mountain of e-mails and information which I am wading through and I thought it would be better if I put some of it on a page before… (more…)