Monthly Archives: August 2011

Murky Days At St. Bede’s

Well St.  Bede’s as usual had another very successful year in the external examinations both at GCSE and A Level with A* and A grades to the fore in all subjects, which makes it all the more wonder why the Board of Governors were talked into ousting Mr Michael Barber with embarrassing haste. We now have had four reasons why… (more…)

Questions To Be Answered.

The purpose of this posting today is to garner as much comment as I can possibly engender on two very vexatious subjects that have been brought to my attention this last weekend.  I want an open debate on both topics, so read on and start pressing the keys with your ideas. The first topic was brought on by two e-mails… (more…)

Hark The Herald Angels….

A reasonably well crafted and hopefully, decently written blog is a powerful tool.  It expects to link to people with similar thoughts, because without a doubt,  if you can see an injustice or a happy event, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, around the world seeing exactly the same thing.  So provided you are taught in the way of the blog… (more…)

Closing Of Ranks By Salford Clergy

It is now a month since I wrote to 40 odd priests of the Salford Diocese who I knew were educated or taught at St. Bede’s College in Manchester during the reign of Monsignor Thomas  Duggan, I might not have them all but certainly the majority.  I asked them to speak up on the mental, physical and sexual abuse suffered… (more…)