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The Catholic Church Gone Mad

In my blog posting of 17 March 2011, I discussed the virtues and talents of Baroness Scotland, our last Attorney General under the premiership of Gordon Brown, who has recently been appointed to chair the National Safeguarding Commission of the Catholic Church in England, whose paramount task is to protect children and vulnerable adults from the clutches of abusing clerics… (more…)

The Ejection Of Mr. Barber

Following on from my posting of  9th July entitled Barber’s Ejection. Kearney’s Rapid Rise and St Bede’s Dysfunction. I have now received a copy of Monsignor Michael Quinlan’s note to parents on 10th June 2011 where he explains to parents the change in headship of  St.  Bede’s College in Manchester from Mr. Michael Barber to Mr. Daniel Kearney.  The note… (more…)

Life Is Hard Enough Without Volunteering.

Today I have been stung into action by one of my oldest correspondents, a man who originally came from Boyle, where I now live and who likes to be reminded of the old place.  However he is getting no reminders from me this Sunday morning, as I look out of my kitchen window and watch 40mph howling westerlies blowing the… (more…)

Barber’s Ejection, Kearney’s Rapid Rise and St. Bede’s Dysfunction.

Sadly because of external pressures, I have been neglecting my blogging vehicle of late and I can see by the google analytic function of my WordPress server, that there is still plenty of interest out there in what I have been saying and reminiscing about, these past 19 months or so.  I started writing about anything and everything and slowly… (more…)