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A Post Mortem On The Salford Diocese Examined.

A few thoughts struck me after I had published yesterday’s blog posting The Salford  Diocese Examined:- A)  The funding to St. Bede’s in those days came, to a large extent, from Manchester Education Committee.  In 1957 the year of my intake, 139 pupils were accepted at Bede’s and presumably the funding for 139 pupils was accepted by MEC.  Does anybody… (more…)

The Salford Diocese Examined

We are a little further along the road to exposing more of the Duggan scandal that tortured St. Bede’s College in Manchester between 1950 and 1966.  Monsignor Thomas Duggan was Rector of the school during this period and witness accounts tell of his sexual, mental and physical abuse of young boys that took place during the whole of this time.… (more…)