Monthly Archives: March 2011

The State of Play

It  is now two weeks since that appalling article concerning the expose of Monsignor Thomas Duggan and written by their ace cub reporter, Mike Keegan, appeared in the Manchester Evening News.  “That moribund rag”, as one of my daughters has christened this newspaper, did not follow up on the story and the two Old Bedians, behind its publication, have slunk… (more…)

Baroness Scotland. Another PR Cock-up?

I notice with alarm the amount of emphasis put on this modern phenomenon people call PR.  Public Relations to anybody who has been banged up for the last 40 years in one of her majesty’s penal institutions.  PR is the first thing that comes to owners, managers, directors, chairpersons, bishops, and politicians minds when faced with a calamity or even… (more…)

Doing Down Duggan

Almost a year to the day from when I decided to set the record straight about that cruel pederast and paedophile, Monsignor Thomas Duggan, one time Rector of St. Bede’s College in Manchester, the Manchester Evening News is going front page today.  After months prevaricating and procrastinating, they have decided to grasp this anti-establishment, anti-clerical, bull by the horns and… (more…)

The Brave Brothers Dignan And Shades Of Opinion.

Before I start this piece I would urge the reader to glance at the initial piece I wrote on 28th May 2010 entitled Ballinagard House and the Dignan Family and I would like them to know that this is not the story I wanted to write.  The real story unveiled itself as I did my research for this piece and… (more…)