Monthly Archives: November 2010

Benighted Bazza

Today I want to write about injustice and how it applies to the thinking of the Catholic Church. Injustice, the dictionary tells us, is an act not in accordance with accepted standards of fairness or justice. However the Catholic Church who thinks it is all powerful and above the rights of man, think that they can mete out injustice whenever… (more…)

Giving Percy His Head

For weeks now my head has been full of clerical sex abuse and sparring with one stupid fool of a Catholic priest, who was employed by a rather backward looking diocese, in creating damage limitation, in the case of a high ranking priest who I had brought to their attention, for committing sins most foul against pupils at a school… (more…)

The Safeguarding Commission of the Salford Diocese: Has the Inquisition Returned?

Before you read this posting, read “Safeguarding Commissions” posted on 7th October 2010 and “World War 3: The safeguarding Commission v Little Me” posted on 13th October 2010 to get you up to date with this saga. Perhaps you might have done so, then carry on. The very title, Safeguarding Commission, starts to ask questions. Safeguarding what? Safeguarding who? Well… (more…)