Monthly Archives: June 2010

Getting Back To The Grind.

After the trauma of the recent week ie. the birth of those twin boys, I have found it hard getting back to the mundane. The pen has become heavy in my hand and my brain is struggling to return to its livewire best. Perhaps it was the cocktail of champagne, cider, stout and good old Chilean Carmenere wine that has… (more…)

The Conveyor Belt To Morbidity

Please excuse me if I am inaccurate but I am speaking about an unusual subject for me at least, but I do understand logic and after nearly 40 years of marriage I am beginning to understand the courage and emotion that make up the female psyche and I know one thing for certain, women know their own bodies and as… (more…)

The Amazing Thing About Blogs.

First of all I would like to apologize to anybody who reads this blog on a regular basis.  I have been very busy and have only managed to squeeze in one blog in the last week.  A cousin of mine died  a week ago, trgically young at 54 years of age and I went over to England last Thursday to… (more…)

Good Old Dick.

With the boring news that an Irish Catholic Archbishop has resigned from the priesthood and that the Pope with surprising alacrity accepted this resignation because the Archbishop says he cannot keep to his vows of celibacy, comes the thought that, that was hard luck on him and another nail in this stupid medieval rule that priests have to be celibates.… (more…)