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Sheep-Shagging Is Not Healthy (It Makes You Lose Your Job)

After reading my blog yesterday, David Laws, once Chief Secretary to the Treasury, resigned immediately.  But like a hen with its head cut off running round the farmyard, David Laws is still sheep-shagging, he is still shagging us, the people, the flock, with unbelievable spin coming out of every coalition members voice box. I have just been listening to Vince… (more…)

Sheep-shagging. Is it healthy or not?

Paddy Ashdown, ex-leader of the Liberal Party and the only person  in the House of Commons who has ever been trained to kill, so he jokingly says of his pre-political days as a Captain in the Royal Marines; as Margaret Thatcher trained herself.  Paddy prised the parliamentary seat of Yeovil from Tory hands in 1983, a seat they had held… (more…)

Ballinagard House and the Dignan Family

As part of my retired life, I spend a lot of my time on research which turns into a wild goose chase, I run into a brick wall and cannot get any further, but I hope this particular recent subject will not.  I am already fond of this family and I do not properly know them yet. This line of… (more…)

Bugger the Balearics.

Yesterday I was writing about the winter of  1972 which set me thinking of other things that happened in that year.  During the summer of 1972 I went on my one and only package holiday, four of us and two kids went to Majorca.  These package holidays were only just starting up and myself and three members of the Conservative… (more…)