Monthly Archives: April 2010

Disturbing News on the Hollie Greig Campaign.

This week has been a very important week in the Hollie Greig story after last weekends programme on Manchester Radio Online with Tony Legend.  On Tuesday with only nine days to go before the General Election, Alex Salmond made an unannounced visit to Aberdeen to open a workshop for blind people, think of the kudos that would give him so… (more…)

St. Patrick’s Day 1973

St Patrick’s Day 1973 dawned clear and bright: it really was a lovely day for March.  The sun shone and it was very warm, in my recollection probably the best St Patrick’s Day for weather.  After a couple of liveners at the Conservative Club, it was down to St. Robert’s church, where we had chosen to marry because of its… (more…)

Paedophiles, Policing and Politics.

I have just returned to Ireland after a two day fact finding trip to the UK that unearthed one or two nuggets for future use and I am confronted by last weekend’s Sunday Tribune telling the world that Oliver O’Grady, the Irish Catholic priest, who served time in California for sexually abusing children, is now in Rotterdam working at a… (more…)

Hollie Greig and Crooked Lawyers.

After watching the television programme, On the Edge, on Controversial TV, Channel 200, where Theo Chalmers interviewed Anne and Hollie Greig and Robert Green for two hours last night, if I could be, I am even more determined to keep spreading the gospel about this unbelievable breach of social justice by the senior lawyers of Scotland. You can see this… (more…)