Monthly Archives: March 2010

Monsignor Thomas Duggan.

Today’s text comes from years of considered and malevolent thought centred around one evil man who made my teenage years a nightmare.  I have written about him previously and to judge by the response my portraits have been at least accurate, if not as damning as they might have been.  If you google this man now,whereas previously he had been… (more…)

Winston Fucking Churchill

With the Catholic Church going into hiding in order to devise a new knot with which to tie themselves up, it is time to look around the scene in Ireland to see where else the pent up fury of the population can decend.  The financial problem that Ireland is swilling around in has been forgotten about recently and Cowan from… (more…)

Desmond Tutu.

I have just been watching quite an unbelievable and emotional television programme by Fern Britton about the life of that great and inspiring man, Desmond Tutu, whose life’s work was his opposition to apartheid and his defence of human rights.  This programme should have been shown at night on mainstream television and not hidden away on a Sunday morning at… (more…)

From The Shannon To The Somme

Irish soldiers who enlisted in the British Army in their hundreds of thousands in late 1914 were faced with a massive dilemma by 1917.  What was their exact place in history?  Could they ever be let live with their families in their much changed homeland?  Would their blood sacrifice be forgotten?  What were they and who were they fighting for. … (more…)