A Right Can Of Worms.

When writing my blog An Argument To Disprove on 9 February 2010 I came to the conclusion that 25% of Irish children, or 1 in 4, had been sexually abused.  By some very curious logic I had arrived at this figure and I was astounded and dismayed and I asked for somebody to disprove me and show me up for the eejit I am.  However no-one took up the cudgel until yesterday when my wife told me about this charity, One in Four, www.oneinfour.org.

One in Four is a Dublin based charity with a purpose to support men and women who have experienced sexual abuse.  Research by the SAVI report (Sexual Abuse in Ireland) in 2002 and the SAVI Revisited report in 2005 carried out by the Dublin Rape Crisis and the Royal College of Surgeons showed that 27% of Irish children experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18.  One in Four also say that “Society has thus far been unwilling to face up to the deep-rooted nature of this problem or the sheer scale of the long term damage it leaves in its wake”

I worked on the principle that 25% of priests who were abusers were attracted to this position because of the ease they found in grooming children to accept their evil desires.  However it strikes me that most of these abused children must have already been groomed by others before the priest arrived and were easily spotted by a predator knowledgeable in the child’s behaviour.  A question to ask these poor children would be, did Society abuse you before the Church?

If this is the case, the Church has been hit with a double whammy.  The first is how to cut this criminal cult out of its midst and secondly how to rid Society of this evil iniquity and in fact ask the question wether the cart came before the horse or vice versa and does it matter.  What caused this wickedness or was it always in the make-up of mankind.  All the crimes in the world do not come anywhere near this violation of innocence.

So let the bishop’s jamboree in Rome immediately solve the first whammy by clear, concise action and then for the next couple of generations try to cut the second cancerous whammy from our midst and never again pay lip service to this grevious sin.  Responsibility, leadership and if necessary, retribution, is what society now wants.  A second inquisition might be required.

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