George Lee

It is sad that the talentless ignoramuses who inhabit the Fine Gael party have done enough to make sure that George Lee threw in the towel with their hapless party.  Whether through ignorance, disbelief or pure jealousy, these clueless politicians decided to give George the bums rush and thus deny Irish politics of the one talented specimen the Dail had. These sons of publicans and solicitors sons, who have shuffled in their father’s footsteps since 1922 have shown themselves to be the diluted talent of diluted talent.

Why cannot the talented people in our society not rise to the top in the political echelon, the money ain’t that bad and there is plenty of time to earn more  if everyone forgot about the fact that politicians are needed as funereal appendages and fillers-in of pot holes?  The Dail only meets for 80 days per year so that leaves plenty of time for the talented and truthful to earn an extra crust.  It is only the “Never done a day’s work in his life” politician, who these days inhabit the Dail and pay regular lip-service to the incumbent arseholes who dwell in the Cabinet Office and pass legislation that they have probably read about on the backs of cornflake packets. Funeral attendance and road maintenance should be left to the equally talentless and hibernatory local authorities and semi-grieving friends and family.  Let the politicians do what they should be doing ie, govern, and they surely would if they had that gift.

The sons of father’s sons have proved time and time again in all historic societies that they have neither the wit nor the acumen to deal successfully with matters of import.  Therefore why not start again.  Form a new party.

A new party filled with people of talent, not hucksters and corner-boys who are in the system because they are no good at anything else.  People believe George and his ilk because they know he speaks the truth, they know he is not trotting out garbage.  The listeners to the Lifeline programme proved that the other day when in a snap poll a massive % voted for the correctness of George Lee’s actions in the face of disapproval and criticism by the politicians.

The Progressive Democrats did it nearly 30 years ago and managed to hold on to a semblance of power for a long time, but when they got fed up kicking Charlie Haughey’s arse, which was their raison d’etre, they reverted back to whence they came, members of the Fianna Fail party.

This new party of sense, truth and talent could take this country by the scruff of the electorate’s neck and shake out these 90 year old encumbrances that make people take the FF or FG side no matter what.  The country is in a mess like it has never been since the Famine.  The people want a new way.  It is there for the taking and I am sure there is enough commercial money knocking about to ensure early funding.  Commercial money that does not want to see itself squandered like it has been; commercial money that is not after a regular supply of brown envelopes. This new way is  a tangible and necessary process.  So arise George Lee and David McWilliams, you two could be the Daniel O’Connells of the 21st century in Irish politics.  It will not be easy but you are young enough and good enough.

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