Monthly Archives: February 2010

Childhood Holidays, The Afternoon.

Although I was to continue with my holiday trend yesterday, I awoke or more like got kicked out of bed at 5.30 with a violent attack of sneezes, coughs and a nose running like the Boyle River was two months ago.  I had been suffering from a cold or some such affliction for three or four days, which as you… (more…)

Childhood Holidays, The Morning.

These cold, wet February weeks makes you yearn for the sun and long bright days.  When I was young, myself and my brother Kevin were always packed off to the farm, my paternal grandfather’s place in Denton, just to the west of Manchester.  These summer holidays were in many respects, the highlight of my year. We used to visit the… (more…)

Slo Mo At The Ros Co Co.

I refer to my previous blogs of On The Shit Heap posted 27 January 2010, Deriliction Of Duty on17 January 2010 and Small Town Ireland on 7 January 2010 and I have to say nothing has happened.  The status is still quo. I wrote to the Planning Enforcement Officer at Roscommon County Council on 17 January 2010 telling them of… (more…)

Reverie Roused.

I awoke this morning to a pleasant surprise a chap called Jesse who often posts insightful comments on to my blog, came up with a good point. See my blog comments on yesterday’s Admitting Defeat. I immediately dashed off a letter to Pierse & Fitzgibbon, which I give below:- Dear Sirs, I acknowledge your rather shrewish letter of 17 February… (more…)