Monthly Archives: January 2010

Decline and Fall.

For my secondary education in Manchester I went to St. Bede’s College, the Premier League for all Catholic boys, having first of all passed my 11+ examination and attended an interview with Monsignor Thomas Duggan, the Rector of the College.  It was a school run by priests with a good % of lay teachers.  Its old boys were famed throughout… (more…)

Squeals And Lies To Come

It is obvious that the Church in Ireland as an Institution is in turmoil, with bishop turning on bishop, like wild cats in the jungle.  Yesterday the retired O’Mahoney retaliated against Archbishop Martin by having their personal correspondence printed out in the Irish Catholic  newspaper.  The thrust of his argument is that the Murphy Report is flawed and that the… (more…)

On The Shit Heap.

When I was writing my blogs Dereliction of Duty on17 January and Small Town Ireland on 7 January 2010 I thought I was the only wronged person in Ireland, now after the article on page 16 of the Independent 23 January 2010 and the Pat Kenny show, The Frontline, on 25 January 2010, both regarding modern estates being left with… (more…)

Mark Attwood’s Advice “Beware The Begrudgers.”

It was about three months ago when I decided to go one step higher on the writing ladder.  For years I had always fancied myself as a writer, but one of poor quality.  I wanted to improve this quality and the only way I knew besides reading quality 24/7 was writing in a disciplined manner on a regular and determined… (more…)