Wondering Why?

With my recent burst of 1000 and 2000 word entries into the polemical world,  I was at a slight loss this morning on my subject or thought for today.  Until I read a piece in the realboyle.com blog, a quinquediurnal blog ably written up and produced by Mr Sean O’Dowd, who wanders round the highways and byeways of Boyle with camera, book and pen aiming to keep the local populace topped up with everything and anything that is happening in our little town and in a manner and with more of a christian attitude than our local paper,  the despicable and deplorable Roscommon Herald,  which seems to me to have a peculiar political and community agenda.

In realboyle.com yesterday was a nice piece on a lady,  Geraldine Gannon (nee Mcloughlin) who was celebrating having worked 25 years for Boyle’s premier accountancy firm,  Ahern & Co.   The article went on to portray the length of 25 years as being something beyond memory,  bringing up revered ghosts of the past as Charlie Haughey and Ronald Reagan,  who all did their bit 25 years ago.  This 25 years got me thinking and however much 25 years loyal service is, and as good Mrs Geraldine Gannon is at her job,  it all pales into insignificance when we start talking of 52 years loyal service to a business.    You might wonder how any one can work for the same company for so long but only a few weeks ago Mr Dermot Davitt was made redundant by his employer,  after 52 years of loyal, dutiful and considerate employment.  I read of no expressions of gratitude in our pitiful press or in fact in realboyle.com.  I heard of no celebrations by thankful employer,  in fact the whole 52 year episode ended in a deathly silence not even a whimper of thanks. Why that should be I do not know.  Perhaps 52 years of diligent and dependable service happens every week in North Roscommon,  but if you can show me another who has done the same I will doff my cap and if you find one no doubt they would have received a lot more praise and acclaim than Dermot got.

In this state that applauds itself for its social and community endeavours , this shoddy treatment deseves castigation. So in my own small wayI give you Dermot Davitt (1957-2009) 52 years in the service of a seemingly ungrateful employer,  52 years of unbroken,  steadfast and faithful employment.   A pillar of his local community, a magnificent father to his five daughters and a joy to his wife Catherine.   Dermot,  I have no prizes to give you but accept my heartfelt praises for your labours as I dredge up the ghosts of your years,  Eamonn de Valera,  Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill.

Which make me think of something else I have noticed during my short stint in Boyle.   There seems to be two entirely different pools or stratas of Boyle society.   Those that have, or attain to have,  and those,  through no fault of their own have not got wealth.   The first strata cherry picks the second with much disdain and arrogance.   They use them as a convenience and they cannot see the willingness, generosity and gratitude of the second pool.   The reason why I mention it is because it is so much more pronounced here in Boyle than it ever was in any other place I have lived.    So perhaps if any of you clever,  articulate,  rich guys and some of you who might not be rich for much longer,  have had their social consciences pricked by this tale,  perhaps in the future you might just appreciate a little more the man on the rung of the ladder below you and stop standing on his head.

5 thoughts on “Wondering Why?

  1. This report is totally untrue. Check your facts. What you have written is libellous, check your facts, withdraw, acknowledge and compensate.

    1. Theresa,
      Could you tell me what is untrue and libellous so that I can Withdraw it and apologise. Without your help I am in Limbo. Thanking you in anticipation of a reply.
      Paul Malpas

  2. I doubt very much if there is anything libellous in that article “Wondering Why”. You have probably just hit a “nerve” – my view is that you were right in your comment. It is interesting to note that all reference to yourself and your Blog is now gone from the realboyle.com website as has the reference to the lady with the 25 years service. (Maybe she only had 24 years – lol)
    It seems clear that Mr Davitt’s employer was somewhat uncaring while Mr O’Dowd may not have placed Mr Davitt even on the bottom rung of that ladder, which is a bit of a shame. Then again Mr O’Dowd may not be quite as much in touch with his native town as he imagines so.
    For me, Mr O’Dowd has brought me in touch with your Blogs, which I am grateful for. I have read each Blog and can relate to most of what you write. I lived in Boyle for some years in the 60’s and occasionally revisit.

    Jesse (not my real name – male)

  3. It is easy to cry foul when someone drags your actions into the spotlight, but when the opportunity to make good on claims of libel and factual inaccuracy is not been taken up it merely gives further credibility to the tale.

    Interesting stuff, I await the next instalment.

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