Papal Pap.

This is going to be a short one today.  I am mindful of all my old school friends around the globe who are now hanging on to every word I write and because I do not know how far they have been religiously persuaded over these last 50 years and […]

Prancing, Preening Popery.

I started this blogging vehicle on 24 November 2009 and since then I have written 59 blogs almost on a daily basis with the exception of an alcohol refuelling stop over the Christmas.  Blog writing is a little like walking across the Sahara Desert.  You set off nice and fresh […]

The Slippery Church.

Even now after all the revelations, after all the promises, after all the pleas of best practice the church is proving to be a slippery customer if you expect cooperation on matters priestly and sexual.  The hierarchy in the form of the majority of bishops do not agree with all […]

Much Too Late and Not Soon Enough

I think it remarkable how Dr. Willie or Won’t He Walsh, Bishop of Killaloe has gone public about his innermost thoughts and reflections and praised the 50% of the Church’s congregation who have been wilfully ignored for the last 1500 years. Willie who is within a hair’s breadth of retirement […]