Marciel Maciel and Thomas Duggan.

I have just been watching the film by Jason Berry of Marciel Maciel, a Mexican Catholic priest, who formed the religious orders of Legion Of Christ for men and Regnum Christie for women.  Both orders have massive support in the Americas and since the 1940s Maciel had been fund raising […]

My First Proper Job

In the summer of 1963 after my short interview with Monsignor Duggan, Rector of St. Bede’s College and supreme factotum of life as we knew it, when he consigned me to the scrapheap of infidels, I was working for Jim Connor converting two large Victorian houses on Laindon Road in […]

Paedophilia, Cover up, Armageddon.

Yesterday I watched an American documentary about clerical child abuse in California between 1970 and 1990.  It was the most distressing 120 minutes I have ever watched.  It was on the channel More 4, last Tuesday night.  We recorded it and have it saved and I understand that you cannot […]

Monsignor Thomas Duggan.

Today’s text comes from years of considered and malevolent thought centred around one evil man who made my teenage years a nightmare.  I have written about him previously and to judge by the response my portraits have been at least accurate, if not as damning as they might have been.  […]

Teenage Years.

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All Doom And Gloom It Was Not.

With my recent blogs you might get the false impression that it was all doom and gloom at St. Bede’s College, but it was not.  There were lots of high spots, mainly centred round the sports field, five a side football in the covered playground and the few seconds private […]